My wife confessed to sexting coworker


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So a quick run down of the back story… admitted to wife I’d love to see her with someone else. She tried once it didn’t work out and has kinda been stagnant since than. Occasionally her and the coworker text each other, and recently she brought it to my attention that it has became very flirty.

Last night while having sex she asked me what I was thinking, and I just told her about how hot she is and how great the sex was. She replied with “I know what you are really thinking” “ you are thinking about me getting fucked by someone else.” Which yeah I 100 percent was. That was when she told me she was sexting with her coworker the other night while taking a bath and wanted to wait until we were having sex to tell me since she know how much it turns me on. She was telling me about the conversation and the. She hit me with “he sent me a video of his big cock cuming for me and I loved it.” Very out of character for her but she is becoming bolder ever since we started this journey!

NSFW: yes


  1. Ok-Question-193

    I would allow her to fuck the co worker and either watch or video it so you can watch. I would try the threesome first or if you could fuck her after he does.

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