My wife and I love letting people watch us have sex in person

This is something that we had talked about for years. The idea really excited us both and we would get the tingles and butterflies even when we discussed it. My wife was really shy and nervous about actually trying it though, so I just let her process it at her own pace. It was about five years later that she decided she felt ready to try it for real. We got to know somebody online for about a month, then we invited him to our house. Her and I both enjoyed it immensely and absolutely love doing this now.

We are a couple who are deeply in love and have a very close bond, so our sex style is all the time intimate, romantic lovemaking. This is one thing we are all the time sure to initially make clear to anybody we are getting to know because we don’t want the spectator to be someone who is looking for ultra-pornified, lascivious sensationalism. We want somebody who will appreciate witnessing the intimacy of a couple with a loving bond romantically making love.

One thing we really enjoy about this is the excitement it elicits in the both of us. We love that naughty, excited butterflies feeling that you get in your abdomen that you get when something is out of the normal and taboo; it’s so thrilling to us how it makes our bodies quiver and tremble involuntarily. But at the same time, the whole scenario feels more wholesome than it does pervy or debauched because it’s not pornified.

This is something that we want to do indefinitely. We would prefer to discover a regular that we can cultivate a connection with because that would just make this whole thing even more special if it’s someone who we could get to know and develop a social bond with. I’m sure it will happen eventually if we just keep talking to people online.

I’m not sure what else to say about this, but if anyone has any questions about anything I didn’t touch upon, feel free to ask!

NSFW: yes

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