My wife and her brother

My wife is 34 and I’m 40. We met 12 years ago at work. I knew the minute I met her in had to make her mine. My wife has a troubled past and a history of heroin addiction. I’m happy to say she has fully sober for over 10 years now. She had a relapse a year in to our relationship but we got through it together.

Not long before I met my wife, she was living with her brother in his apartment. He is a year older then her. She lived with him from age 20 to 22. She had moved out of his place 3-4 months prior to meeting me. According to her, she moved out because she had started her road to recovery and her brother struggled with substance abuse as well. She said it was not a good environment for her for her to be around. She still doesn’t talk to him much as he struggles with substances to this day. They are cordial during holidays with each other but that’s about it.

4 months after we met my wife moved in with me. When she moved in, I found a laptop in a box. When I questioned her about it, she said it belonged to her brother and that it was broken . She didn’t seem concerned with it at all and I spent the time taking the laptop aside, salvaging parts that could be re-used. I work in IT. When I connected the hard drive I went through the files and found a video file on the desktop of her brothers windows user account. The video was a webcam recording of her and her brother having sex.

They are full biological siblings and the video is of them fucking for 20 mins in multiple positions. They fuck passionately, kiss, and moan a lot. Still to this day I discover the video the most erotic thing I have ever seen. Even after all these years, I cum jerking to it 2-3 times a week. I don’t know if my wife even knows this video exists. I’m sure she knew it was filmed, but I’m assuming she thinks it was deleted a long time ago. I have no intention of ever telling her that I know that she used to have incest with her brother, especially due to her history do addiction.

I know most people would have been mortified but I discover her past erotic, sexy, and it is one of the reasons for why I made her mine forever. She is still a very sexual person and our sex life is great. I wish I knew more about her past, how it started, and why it ended.

NSFW: yes

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