My wife (34f) pegged the masculinity out of me (34m) Dms open to anyone

I’m a naturally dominant man from how I look (regular gym guy) to my job, my attitude and sex life

It started when we had a few friends over for a new year’s party, we all had a few drinks and I heard my wife saying “he would never let me do that” not Thinking I said “I’ll try anything once” not having any idea what she was talking about. she then said Infront of her Friend “ok then would you let me pegg you?” I turned bright red as her and her mate were looking at me to answer, I was quite buzzed frok the alcohol and sort of just wanted out of the conversation and said “yeah sure” walked away and didn’t think of it again.

About a week later we go to bed and my wife pulls out an Amazon box, I had no idea what was in it as I had completely forgot the conversation we have on New year’s. In the was was lube leather harness and an 8″ BBC dildo (which is bigger then my cock) I couldn’t believe she was being serious, I was extremely apprehensive, she could tell and told me we dont have to but that I did say I would try anything once, I very reluctantly agreed.

She was so good to me it was crazy, I’ve never been treated like the way she treated me. As I said I’m a naturally dominant guy and have been my whole life so this was completely new to me. She told me to get naked and onto all fours as she put the strapon on, she gave me a nice back massage to relax me and slowly moved her way to my ass, using lube she rubbed my asshole which was a very strange yet pleasent feeling, she then went to fingering me which was again not unpleasant. After About 10 mins of her playing we my ass my cock was rock hard, she had touch and rubbed me all over except my cock, I didn’t notice but apparently I was moaning softly as she told me I had really cute moans which made me feel almost girly.

She eventually positioned herself behind me and and press the head of the 8″ BBC against my well played with ass, it felt fucking massive! She put a bit of pressure behind it and I started to pull away she told me it’s ok and she’s gonna go slow and she pushed a little Harder, it was painful put just as I was about to pull away again she reached grabbed and grabbed my cock, this time I did moan like a girl, it felt do good and all she did was grab it. She pushed a little harder and I could feel my ass stretch, again just as I was About to pull away she stated jacking me off while pushing her cock into me, it was such an intense feeling my ass being stretched and my cock being played with I was so confused I didn’t know if I was in pain or in pleasure. This went on for another 10-15 mins and then I felt her thighs on mine and she told me I took the whole thing first time and she’s impressed by me. It like she was a different person.

She held me there gently pushing in and out an inch at a time playing with my cock from time to time which was leaking loads of per cum into the bed, she then started to pich up the pace, she rubbed my back and said I was doing do well, she was full on fucking my ass with a 8″ big black cock and I was completely lost to how good it felt I couldn’t believe the pleasure I was no longer making soft moans I was full on moaning like a slut, I couldn’t talk at all, she asked me if I liked it and if I’m gonna cum for her but I couldn’t reply, I came the Hardest I have ever cum it was like an explosion, the intensity and volume was crazy, after I calmed down she asked me how it was and I told her I enjoyed it more then I wondered I was gonna.

We went back to our ordinary sex life but about a month later I started to want her to fuck me again, I asked her but she said no, I couldn’t figure out why but I said ok, another week went past and I asked her again this time she said yes but she didn’t seem nearly as interested. She did some of the stuff she did before but there was something different like she didn’t want to? But again I came super hard while she fucked me.

Another few weeks go by with our ordinary sex life and I begin to crave her to pegg me again, I went to ask her but before I could she said to me that she didn’t want to pegg me again, I asked why as it was her idea to begin with and she was extremely good at it, she said that she didn’t like the way I acted when she pegged me, i asked what she meant and she said “i dont like how much of a slut it makes you act, I married a man’s man. I’m glad we tried it but I don’t want to go it again” I was disappointed but I accepted her decision and we went back to our ordinary sex life.

It’s been a year since I had my ass fucked and I’m fucking dying for it again, in the last year the porn I watch has completely changed I started to watch femdom, forced feminisation and sissy hypno, I’ve even bought a chasity cage and worn my wife panties a few times, 2 years ago I couldn’t imagine me doing these things and I turns me on so much.

My wife has no idea that I do these things when she’s working late and that my tastes have completely swapped. I’ve even been talking to dominant guys as well as girls on Reddit and sent the pictures of myself in panties.

Anyway that’s the story how I got turned submissive, happy to chat about this further with anyone.

NSFW: yes

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