My wife [29] [F] and her married coworker [39M] [Cuckold]

We have been married a year now, she’s 29 and I’m 35, she’s white and I’m Hispanic, she has at all times dated black men and I was her first non black sexual partner. Everything has been fine between us but close to two months ago she admitted something to me, she said her coworker has been turning her on and she is feeling flustered. She brought this up as in a I’m sorry way but in a moment of horniness and curiosity I went for it and asked why he turned her on.

She explained he was tall, muscular, fit, and was very aggressive with the unruly residents where she worked and he was easily able to detain them when they got out of hand. I told her she didn’t need to apologize I understood we all get turned on we are human. I decided to take it further and drop hints about how I wasn’t mad and even some couples “share” and how they have rules, she laughed it off and said yeah but who knows if that could even work. I knew I had her, I finally admitted that I watch cuckold and sharing porn and I don’t see anything wrong with it as long as there’s respect and rules, she was shocked and responded “that wouldn’t upset you?” I was clear that it didn’t and I honestly didn’t mind if she tried something with her coworker, she didn’t take much convincing before we came up with rules such as at all times wear a condom, don’t get attached, at all times tell me when something happens and where and at all times give me details.

I didn’t think it would happen fast but that very same day on their overnight shift she hit on him made a move and they ended up fucking in his jeep in the parking lot, oh he’s married too which makes it even hotter, he thinks she’s cheating on me, since that night there has been multiple hook ups and quickies each one hotter than the next.

NSFW: yes

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