My week long houseguest!

Last week my wife was out of town at a beautician expo. For reasons unknown to me she believes I need to have a caretaker while she is gone. So she had her niece stay with me to do the cooking and cleaning and as she said “to keep me out of trouble”
Any other person would have been fine with me, because I don’t like her niece, Miranda. She walks around like she is Queen Bee and has an attitude to match. Any time she has been over we don’t speak except hi and bye. I don’t think she likes me either.

So the first two days she was here I don’t think we’ve said more than 10 words to each other. Miranda is a very pretty young lady but her attitude is fucked up. She is a hell of a cook and she does keep the house spotless. The third day things changed. I returned from my morning work out was showering. I came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around me when I see Miranda busy sorting my clothes to be washed. I said “Good morning, could you give me a minute to get dressed and get out your way?” She looked at me and said
“Good morning? What’s so good about it?” I wondered to myself ‘ what a bitch’.

She snatched the sheets off the bed and I told her
” You could leave those on they were just changed the other day!” She stuffed them in the laundry basket and said ” you’ve slept on them, so they get washed!” She picked up the basket and walked towards me. She said ” oh and I need this” and snatched the towel off of me. She stood there eyeballing my dick for a few seconds and as she turned to walk out she said ” Wow! Very nice. Maybe it is a good morning after all.”

So I eventually get dressed and come downstairs and have a cup of coffee. Miranda comes into the kitchen and asks if I wanted breakfast. I declined as I had things to do and I was running kinda late. I got home later that evening and went upstairs as I passed by the guest room Miranda was laying down on the bed reading a book. And that was when I actually noticed she has a nice body. She was wearing some gym shorts that hugged her nice round ass. She looked over her shoulder and said
“Oh hi, I didn’t know you were home, are you hungry?” I was kinda taken by surprise at how nice and pleasant she was being. I responded ” yeah I’m kinda hungry. She jumped off the bed and her tits bounced in her tank top. Those shorts not only hugged her ass but they seemed to hug her pussy lips too. She had a fat cameltoe and I found myself getting a hard-on as she walked pass me and said
“You go take a shower and I’ll go warm up your plate.”

I walked into my room and on my bed was a pair of black pajama bottoms and a black Tshirt. I take my shower and when I get out my towel is gone. I could have sworn I had taken one in the bathroom with me, anyway I come into the room and Miranda is sitting on the edge of the bed holding my towel. I’m shocked at first until Miranda said ” Don’t just stand there dripping water everywhere, come let me dry you off, I promise I don’t bite!” I walked over to the bed and stood there between her legs as she dried my body off. When she wiped under my balls my dick sprung to life. Miranda said ” wow unk, your really blessed” and without warning she slid down to her knees and took my hard dick between her soft full lips and started giving me a hell of a blowjob. She cupped my balls with her smooth soft hands and massaged them. Her skills were on par with my wife’s and she is a pro. Miranda removed my dick from her mouth only to begin sucking my balls one at a time. Minutes later she put my dick back into her mouth, grabbed my ass and made me fuck her throat. When I said I was about to cum she grabbed my ass and pulled me into her face allowing my dick to slide further down her throat just as I erupted. Being a pro she managed to swallow every drop. She sucked harder getting every once of cum out of me.

She looked up and said ” wow, that was a lot, thanks!” She got up and said “your dinner is in the oven, I’m gonna turn in, have a good night unk!” She walked out and I collected myself and got dressed and went and had dinner. My the next morning when I came downstairs Miranda said “Good morning, breakfast is on the stove. I have some things I need to do today but I’ll be back by the time you get home!” She leaned into me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and was out the door. I had breakfast and went about my day.

I got home earlier than I normally do, around 6pm and Miranda greeted me at the door, kiss me on the cheek and told me to go shower. I did as she instructed and expected her to give me the same treatment as the night before and was disappointed. I put on the red pajama bottoms she laid out for me and put on a Tshirt. I came downstairs and my plate was on the table. I sat down to eat and said “if you keep treating me like this I might keep you and send your Aunt away.” She laughed and said ” that’s sweet, enjoy your dinner I’m gonna go shower!”

After eating my dinner I was just sitting down on the sofa when Miranda reappeared wearing a long Tshirt. She said ” I bought a bottle of wine, I thought we could have a drink or two and watch a movie!” I said “sounds good!” She went into the kitchen and poured our drinks and returned. As I slipped on my wine Miranda walked over to the TV and bent over and I had a clear view of her big round ass and her fat pussy. My dick got hard instantly. She turned to see me staring at her gorgeous ass and said ” you know I’m not really interested in watching anything, is it cool if we find other things to do instead?” As she walked and sat on the sofa I said ” I’m not feeling movies tonight either!”

She smiled and said ” Good, so what would you like to do instead?” She turned on the sofa to face me while spreading her legs. One leg was leaning against the back of the sofa and the other remained on the floor. Seeing her freshly waxed pussy I said
” You know suddenly I’m hungry again!” She slid down the sofa to where she was now lying down and put her leg over the back of the sofa while the other leg was put on the coffee table and said “exactly what do you have a taste for?” I readjusted myself to where I’m lying right between her legs. And I licked her clit a few times before going all in eating her out. Her pussy smelled so sweet and tasted even sweeter. As I ate her out she was moaning softly while moving her hips, grinding her pussy against my mouth. I love the taste of her pussy juices and after 15 minutes she said ” you plan on staying down there all night because you’ve made me cum twice now and I could really use a good pounding!”

I stood up and pulled my pajama pants off and Miranda said “I want you to fuck me in my Aunt’s bed because that’s where I’ll be sleeping from here in out!” I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist while wrapping her arms around my neck and we started kissing as I carried her up the stairs into my room. I layed her down on the bed and ate her pussy another 5 minutes and then I removed her Tshirt revealing her perfectly firm tits. I crawled between her legs and slid my dick into her. She gasped and moaned loudly as I plunged my dick deep into her wet , tight pussy. Ohh man her pussy had such a nice grip on my dick as I pulled out and pushed back inside of her. Miranda looked me in the eyes and said ” I want you to own my pussy, make it yours baby, fuck me like I need to be fucked because I’ve been waiting all day for this dick!”

That was so fucking hot hearing her say that and she surrendered herself to me. I began pounding her tight little pussy. She was screaming out in pure extacy as I drilled her. After 10 minutes of being pounded she wanted to be on top. We rolled over and she began bouncing on my dick. She rode me hard and fast until I bust my nutt deep inside of her convulsing pussy. Miranda said “holy fuck, you realize we just came together?” I couldn’t say anything I just layed there breathing while still inside of her she layed on me and we both fell asleep.

She woke me up sucking my morning wood and we fucked again. For the remainder of the week that was our routine. Fucking in the morning and fucking and gonna sleep in each other’s arms at night. The night before my wife was to come home Miranda made me promise that I would come by her apartment every morning and fuck her and at least twice a week I was to make up a reason to get out at night to come fuck her. I promised and then fucked her all night long.

My wife made it home around noon and after greeting her with a kiss she said ” I’m glad you two found a way to get along without killing each other!”
Miranda said ” ohh I realized he wasn’t so bad a person!” And I chimed in and said ” yeah she was really a godsend this week and we managed to have fun!” My wife was so happy that we were getting along it would probably kill her to figure out just how good we get along now. And so far I’ve kept my promise to Miranda! All is good!

NSFW: yes

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