My vacation with my cousin

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NSFW: yes

When I was a teen, maybe 15, my cousin from the Netherlands came to stay with us for a couple weeks. She was in her early twenties and super hot. Slim atletic create, but big natural tits, about 5’9 feet tall, cute face and good round ass. For a teenager just discovering women and jerking off, she was perfection.

She brought me some toys like I was a child since we hadn’t seen each other in a few years now, but quickly realized her mistake when she saw me. I admit it, even though she was my cousin, every time she was near I was trying to sneak a peak at her well developed H’s. I was all the time nearby when she made a trip to or from the shower wrapped in a towel, dripping wet like my dreams for her each night. Especially outside, in the backyard in her tiny black bikini, her tits almost bursting out

She was bratty too. I mean, warm and fun and friendly but she was dating this really asshole guy Hendry (he paid for the trip) and she acted like a princess or daddy’s little girl. That just added to the attraction for me. It was only fantasy after all, not a real relationship prospect, just teenage masturbatorial fodder.

It was the next summer and this time my parents sent me to the Netherlands to stay with her for four whole weeks. I was ecstatic! I hadnt seen her in a year and I couldn’t have been happier. I had no idea what I was really in for.

The first week was pretty much exactly what I had expected. She had a two bedroom apartment with an open plan kitchen/living space with four doors, front door, bathroom door, and the two bedroom doors connected by a shared closet. The living room had floor to ceiling windows that looked over a park. It was a really nice place. Probably something to do with her, now fiancé, who picked us up at the airport.

They got me a little summer job doing deliveries for his manufacturing business, I wasn’t really doing the deliveries. It was more a ride along with the real driver, all a ploy by my parents to get some real life work experience. So that filled my days, but on the weekends Hanna would take me shopping to the mall and try on clothes in front of me. Bathing suits, dresses, jeans, yoga pants, not nude or anything weird or particularly scandalous on her part. She’s my cousin, so she didnt think anything about her busty body of perfection standing in bra and panties not two feet from a seventeen year old trying to play it cool.

I wasn’t a child. I could stay at her place unsupervised in the evenings if she ever wanted to go out with her friends or fiancé. And she did, a couple times a week. Occasionally in the middle of the week, but mostly Fridays and Saturdays as you might expect.

One night, when they came back, I was still up in the living room, watching TV. They were pretty drunk and obviously forgot that she even had a house guest. Clearly I was interrupting but I was too stupid to leave. Instead she said something about it being late and her fiance excused himself, clearly disappointed. She hung out for a few minutes on the couch with me, head sort of bobbing around before she mumbled off to her room.

I was enthralled, hard in my pants watching her the entire night. She wore a tight miniskirt and a see thru blouse with a black bra to contrast, showing off that deep cleavage. The most fuckable thing in heels I’d ever seen.

I knew she was drunk when she was barely talking and bleary eyed and almost falling asleep sitting there. She lit her cigarette, before she decided it was time for bed. That wobbled legged stubble into her bedroom etched itself into my brain. I only realized five minutes later that she had left her door open.

When I looked in I could see that she managed to kick off her heels and remove the blouse before she just collapsed onto the bed face down, snoring gently.

I called out if she needed some help a few times but she appeared dead to the world. That’s when I noticed that she removed her skirt with her legs slightly aside that I could see her pussy. I was more excited seeing my first real up close look at a woman’s sex.

After a long few minutes I decided that the gentlemanly thing to do, would be to get her to role over on to her back so she could breathe better and to put the blankets on her and if that meant I got to see her fun bags jiggle around a little, then so be it. Well in doing so one perfect gorgeous tit flashed out of her bra and into full view for a moment. She reflexively rolled her shoulder and it covered up again. I immediately went in for a feel, the big sound round boob in my hands felt amazing. That’s when she said “you little pervert, if you wanted me badly you should have just said so.”

She was awake I was so ready to fuck her. I started removing her bra and freed my dick from its inclosure . I immidiatly started fucking her tits, they were literally the best thing about her.

I started to be a bit harsh with her, harder than I expected. I started grabbing her by the hair and started fucking her face with my cock, but she didn’t complain. To see her in the throws of an orgasm was so good I came in her mouth, the best thing was that she swallowed my cum. This was our first time together.

This happened again a few day later.
She would be drinking more and smoking a joint, with me right next to her. It feels awkward and I notice Hanna trying to flirt with me. She then took me into her bedroom and dropped to her knees and started sucking me. This was expanding my mind and my infatuation with my cousin as a sex object.

Once we were undressed and on the bed, she climbed on top and pressed her ripe melons in my face. She was tight, tighter then I expected.

I asked her if she was okay if I would cum inside. She panted and said yes, its my safe day, and bent her round ass for me doggy style.

I immediately stepped up behind her and entered her ass. I went to work on my cousin and she clearly appreciated my efforts.

It was also clear this wasn’t the first time they had done this kind of thing. I was seventeen at the time but I wasn’t totally naïve, but hearing her guttural animal sounds and watching her back arch to purposefully make access easier, I was in awe of her.

I came on her back, Hanna then asked to switch to a upside down position, bending her head. I grabbing her neck and choke her tightly. Her face became red and she looked like she was totally enjoying it, even encouraging me choke her harder. I complied and continued to pound her for three more orgasms. I slapped her face and tits repeatedly, especially when she was cumming, before I pulled out and came on her tits.

Afterwards she then lit a smoke and said goodbye to me, before I scurried back to my room.

This became a routine for the last few weeks of my stay with her. Almost every night I fucked her face after a while, I would fuck her from behind. My every primative instinct of what a woman with the body of my cousin had was meant to do with it was fully justified as she eagerly provided herself as sexual prop for obligatory use.

I was finishing either in her mouth or tits for weeks and was thrilled. I honestly didn’t ever want to leave, but right before I left, I got a parting gift of sorts.

It started as a normal night of pre-drinking at the apartment. Hanna was drinking and smoking again. Everything seemed ordinary enough, after a few rounds of shots we smoked a joint, and rolled out the door. I made it very vocal that I was hitting the bed.

Hours went by until around midnight that I woke up. I went to Hanna her room, she was fast asleep. She wasnt wearing anything, she was totally nude.

I went to her and was trying to wake her up. Lost in a fog, she went on her knees and she began sucking off me. But within minutes, her enthusiastic jerking and sucking became slower and her movements sluggish.

I wasn’t phased though and instead just used her head like a wet hole mounted to a stand. With hands on both sides of her head I plunged my cock deep into her placid face, making little popping squelching sounds at the back of her throat. Her hands just hung off her arms, limp, exposed titty jiggling in rhythm. The only signs of life appeared to be when she was gasping for air.

Eventually I got her up and while it seemed she wasn’t gonna be able to do much other than stare. I wasn’t looking to be a deterrent for me who just stripped down completely and started fucking her slit.

She said few words but there were a few simple ones and she became vocal intensely if she came, which she did once or twice at the beginning. After I finshed a few times she passed out.

I wondered that was the grand finale to my trip, but then there was a knock at the door and I threw on my shorts to go answer. It was an old man! I didnt recognize him but he said Hanna invited him. I was surprised, but then I also gestured toward the open bedroom door where they could see my well used cousin splayed out naked on the bed, comatose. The guy didnt even blink and eventually I gave them a strange kind of hand gesture invitation to come in.

I was shocked. Shocked for a guy who had spent weeks watching his sexy slutty cousin getting railed by me is a hell of a thing. He kept his voice down and stripped, I told him to leave cause I wasnt planning on getting in trouble because of him. He just pushed me apart, I stood up and reminded him that I could call the cops. This seem to anger him, he then punched me in my face knocking me out cold. By the time I woke up it was 2:30AM and it seemed that there were 4 more men in Hanna’s room! They rambled out the door leaving her there in the sticky sheets.

I ran out shortly after and locked the door behind them. Now alone with Hanna I went to her side as she lay naked and covered in cum.

She was out, hard core.
I had decided to turn off the light and got dressed. My heart was pounding in my chest. I couldn’t believe what just happened.

I reached out and fondled her titty. Jiggling them around, pinching the nipples playfully, not trying to wake her. I put her hand on my cock for a few strokes while I finger her for the first time. She is wet and still unresponsive apart from an occasional moan.

The next day she was tired obviously but in good spirits, saying she had just partied too hard last night. We spent the afternoon hanging out and she drove me to the airport the next day.

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