my urge to fuck up a line up of men!


I want to walk in wearing high heel leather boots.

All I see are your bums!

It’s like a garage.

A line up of 10 men standing legs aside, arms above their heads tied to a strap above them. All blindfolded!

I step closely to the first one.

From behind I carress his chests, scratch him, touch his nipple, fiddle with his cock!

Then get him to suck on a butt plug before I shove it in his ass!

Hear his wild scream

Then walk over to the next guy, pinch his nipples, scratch his chest and shove in a butt plug.

I do the same for all of them and prepare them for the fun…. might punish them a bit if they moan too much.

I go back to the first guy and he looks nice and ready, I begin rubbing his cock, hear him breath heavier, get sloppy with rubs

Might even bite onto his back as I do this!

Wait for him to explode as I keep rubbing his cock till it turns to tears….

The next guy I begin rubbing slightly get him hard, make it sloppy get him to down a Dildo before shoving it in his ass… I begin ramming him and hearing him groan even more when I rub his cock!
He explodes everywhere

I continue to make all of them moan and groan one by one until they mess themselves and feel guilt, filth and ultimate pleasure as they hear my footsteps walk out!!!

NSFW: yes

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