My uncle’s wife (40f) again – Short Sex Story

Had another poker night at my uncle’s (61) on Saturday. Was a packed house. As at all times I’m greeted at the door by my uncle’s wife (40) we’ll call her Jennie, a big hug and kiss on the lips this time and says she is glad I showed up.

About 20 minutes later I go inside to use the bathroom, when I come out she is right out the door with a big grin. I was just going to go in she tells me as she pulls me into her room. Before anything is said we start to make out I can feel she has no bra on and go up get shirt and grip her milf breasts. Just as I’m getting into she pushes me away and says not yet my baby boy we have plenty time for that and walk out the room.

Fast forward about 90 minutes it’s time to eat. Also a blaze break for myself so I step outside to smoke the jay I brought. I’m the only pothead present so I’m out there alone, it’s kinda rainy so I’m tucked away in the side of the house not to get my joint wet lol I wasn’t expecting Jennie to come out but she came out told me she missed me and my cock placing her hand on my bulge, I’m wearing bball shorts.

I’m getting harder her other hands slide up my shirt rubbing my body as I keep smoking and before I know it she drops down pulls my shorts down grabs my cock near the base and sticks the tip in mouth, her juicy lips and tongue feel amazing I get rock hard as she works the tip and strokes the shaft.

After a couple minutes, she stands up pulls her sweatpants down exposing her wet pussy tits already been out. I place the blunt in the trey immediately suck her perky nipples while a hand starts to rub her soft clit and pussy lips grazing her already dripping hole. Hard for her to shut up I grab her leg and left it rub my hard cock on her clit smacking her wet pussy she reaches down and guides the cock into her milf pussy we both let a moan out as I waste no time and begin to thrust nice and hard on hand on her ass holding her leg up the other hand groping her tits. I feel her body tense up her pussy soak my cock as she whispers I’m cumming in my ear. A glorious body shaking orgasm it was as she held me tight keeping my cock all the way in slightly heavier breaths. She tells me how bad she needed that cock pounding me deep pulled up her pants gave me some kisses and said finish my joint and get inside. We will finish this later, and walked away my shorts still around my ankles.

Later on everyone there is drunk or gone. Poker night is now a kick back. As usual my uncle gets the fire pit going and the eight of us remaining circle around the fire having a good time. Jennie sits by me I’m smoking again so I’m kinda at a distance to everyone else. I don’t know how no one heard her telling me her pussy has rested enough and wants to finish what she started. Than a couple minutes later she says wait about ten minutes and head to the bathroom.

The ten minutes go by so I head inside towards the bathroom, she is standing my the basement door in now some booty short and a tank top, grabs my hand and leads me down to a small room and tells me sit down and pull my shorts down, I quickly do so, she drops her shorts and sits on my lap in a squatting position. I begin to get really horny by now uses my semi hard cock to rub her pussy listening to the wetness kee kisses and touches make me so hard, in the sluttiest voice she says “you’re gonna cum in me.” I got super excited which I’m sure she intended, as she slide the tip in shaking her hips and I slip all the way inside, fuck I say she is so wet and warm, I pull her amazing tits out shoving them in my face as she starts to grind up and down. Before I know it she has me moaning my hands all over her ass and body she the riding gets intense she’s never fucked me like this, I lean back watching her tits bounce as her body bouncing up and down on my cock the pleasure is building up she leans forward a bit telling me she is ready to get her pussy filled I can feel my cock in the depths of her juicy milf pussy. Not even trying to hold back I blow inside her trying to keep my grunts and moans quiet, my body shake beneath her as I literally fill her up. After a minute of making sure all my cum was in her pussy. She hops off gets dressed and says we been gone too long. I go up first and of course like at all times no one can tell shit. They are all to drunk. I stay a little longer before I leave. My cock still soaked from her. This morning she texted saying she still has my warm cum inside her 😍 can not wait til next time. I will be cumming in her everytime from now on.

NSFW: yes

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