My uncle crossed the line and idk what to do now

My uncle recently lost his wife to cancer and we have at all times been close. I even lived with them for 6 months when I was younger. I just graduated high college last year and have been driving for a couple years now but more since I got – inherited actually – my aunt’s car. Last night I drove the car to my uncle’s house to go swimming and have dinner with him. I at all times wear bikinis when I’m there and my uncle at all times compliments me on them – he says I’m a very pretty young lady and that I will make some man very happy one day. So I wore my favorite bikini (a thong) and he said it looked really good. I sad thank you and he suggested we race, and I said okay. Well, we dive into the water and right away my top flies off!! I tried to grab it and cover up but my uncle got to it first. He said he needed to see what this was covering and that I didn’t need to be embarrassed, he’d seen me naked since I was a little girl. So I showed him, even though I was embarrassed. His eyes got so big and he smiled for so long. He thanked me and swam over to give my my top. As he handed it to me he grabbed my nipples, which are soooo sensitive, and it made me moan sort of loudly. He took that as a signal that I wanted more and absolutely ravaged me….I’ll post more later on what he did. Let’s just say I have never in my life felt so amazing…It is just crazy, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around what’s happening!! Is this even legal?! I so don’t care anymore

NSFW: yes

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