My uncle and his friend take me [MMF] [Part 2] – Short Sex Story

I encourage you to read Part 1!

“Good girl.” Tom lifted the bottle and poured a little in mouth. I swallowed as he looked into my eyes and leaned forward to kiss me. His mouth was warm but rough, and his tongue pushed past my lips almost instantly. I could feel Mark’s grip on my arms tighten to hold me there as Tom forced his mount onto mine. He pulled back and brought the bottle up to pour some more in my mouth. I hadn’t quite caught my breath so some of it dribbled out down my chin and began pooling at my chest and on my dress.

Tom smiled at the sight and said “Mm, you’re gonna look good like that.” He put his lips back on mine and began kissing me harder, as I gave in and began kissing him back. Mark’s hands moved from my arms to my ass as he squeezed it, then one arm went up to my neck as Tom pulled back. Mark turned me around and went right for the kiss, his tongue also in my mouth as his hands roughly held me in place. I felt Tom’s hands behind me groping me roughly. He turned me around to face him and held my face in his hand, the bottle gone. “You just need some older men to take care of you don’t you?” He asked me. I didn’t respond at first so he squeezed my face a little. “Don’t you?” I nodded and whispered. “Yes.”

He smiled. “Yes what?” I looked into his eyes and knew what we wanted me to say. “Yes… Daddy.” The smile turned into something more possessive as he called me a good girl and planted his mouth on mine once more. Mark’s hands were suddenly on my shoulders pushing me down onto my knees forcefully, my head suddenly level with both of their bulges. “Show your daddies what you can do, then.” Tom told me, a command. Without hesitation, their belts came off and pants dropped as their hard cocks sprang out. Tom’s was about the same size as Mark’s, just a little thicker. “Mm I see those hungry eyes little girl. Come here, open up for daddy.” Tom said, grabbing my head and pulling my face into his cock.

My eyes almost instantly watered as Tom started fucking my face. Spit was drooling down my chin and onto my dress as Tom balled my hair into his fist and thrusted into my mouth. My hands went up to his thighs instinctively to push back, but I couldn’t slow him down. Mark leaned down and pulled my dress up over my head and off, freeing my mouth from Tom’s cock. “You won’t be needing that anymore.” Mark said, tossing it apart and turning my face to greet his erect cock. It was just as hot as the last time as he pushed my already wet lips open to take him. I also began choking on him which they both laughed at. “Think we can train her mouth tonignt?” Mark asked. “I might have to keep her here overnight to be sure.” Tom said over my choking and gagging. My eyes widened at that, which Mark saw. “Oh I think she likes that Tom!” Mark pulled out and held my face, asking “You wanna stay here with your daddy tonight after we’re done?” I didn’t even respond when Tom said, laughing “I didn’t hear a no!”

They passed my mouth back and forth for a few minutes, taking turns pawing at my tits as they did. “Fuck they’re big.” Tom said. I’m sure Mark had to refrain from revealing he already knew, but he didn’t let on. After a few minutes they let go and took turns slapping their cocks on my face. “Good girl, open that mouth nice and wide for your daddies.” At that point they had stripped down and I could admire them fully. Tom was as hot as Mark, well defined but broad chest and shoulders, large thighs, and a hairy chest. Tom pulled me off the the ground and into a wet hard kiss as he pushed his body against mine. Mark went behind me and unhooked my bra and slid off my underwear, leaving me completely naked.

“Let’s really break you in.” Tom said, pulling me over to what I now assumed was his bed. He pushed me over on it as Mark got in front of my face, pulling me on the bed fully and on all fours. I was so nervous and turned on, as Mark’s hard cock stood at full attention mere inches from my face. I looked up at him as he smiled and told me, “yeah, look up at your daddy.” His cock neared my face as he told me to open wide and take him. He started slowly as I felt Tom’s hands on my ass, spanking it and moving to finger my wet pussy. “Mm, nice and wet for your daddy aren’t you?” I moaned on Mark’s dick which earned me a spank.

Suddenly Mark stopped thrusting as he held my neck and head still. I didn’t know why until I felt Tom’s cock at the entrance to my pussy. I almost squirmed but couldn’t move as he slowly entered me, my moans and whimpers muffled on my uncle’s cock. Tom entered me fully, stretching me like almost no one else. “Fuck she’s tight.” Tom said. Mark agreed, “Most young ones are, you know that.” I was even more turned on knowing that Tom also liked to fuck girls my age, and that they had probably done this before together.

Tom grabbed my hips and started thrusting into me, moving my head and face onto Mark’s cock as they went back and forth, spit roasting me. My eyes were watering and my makeup likely smeared as they used me hard, picking up speed and grunting, calling me a good little girl, a young little slut, daddy’s toy.

Tom eventually pulled out and I wondered they were done, until Mark flipped me over on my back. “Oh your Daddy’s aren’t done yet.” He told me, smiling as he saw the slight fear in my eyes. Before I could say anything, Tom’s hand suddenly grabbed my throat and pulled my head off the bed. I was still looking up, seeing my uncle’s friend standing over my face, his wet cock still rock hard, not knowing he was fucking his friends niece. Not that I think it would stop him.

He put his fingers in my mouth as Mark worked my pussy with his fingers, and over my whimpering I heard them talk about my body and using it. Tom pulled his fingers out and slapped my face with his cock, dropping my head and telling me to open up for him as he pushed his cock back in, Mark grabbing my legs and entering me. They immediately went back to work, fucking me in tandem and opening me up, making me feel like just a toy. Tom and Mark both took turns slapping my tits and playing sign them as they heaved back and forth as I got fucked.

After who knows how long, they both slowed down and Mark sat on my chest to finish over my face. His hot heavy cum covered my face entirely, as he grunted and finished. Tom had different ideas, and pulled me back off the bed to my knees, telling me “Daddy wants you to take it all.” He pushed my mouth open and fucked my face for a few minutes until he unloaddd down my throat, filling up and causing me to choke and gag again.

I sat on the ground, a cum covered mess as we all caught our breath. Mark eventually got up and grabbed his clothes, quickly changing and telling Tom he’d see him in the morning as he went back to his room. Tom kneeled down next to me and looked at me. “You’re going to stay with daddy tonignt aren’t you?” He said. I didn’t want to leave, and I knew I didn’t want to have a choice, so I nodded and said, “Yes… daddy.”

“Good girl.”

Tom and I did hook up overnight and in the morning, but that’s a story for another time.

NSFW: yes

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