My true desire [IRTR] [F] [F22]

I yearn for someone to exert their dominance over me, using me as their own personal object of pleasure. The wondered of the windows being uncovered, the possibility of someone walking in and catching us in the act, only adds to the allure.

When they command me to speak, I tell them how much of a wanton creature I am for them, expressing my love for the feeling of their member inside of me. They praise me for being a good girl and thrust deeper and harder with each movement.

As they tease my sensitive pleasure center, they demand that I beg for more. Without hesitation, I express my desire for their touch, telling them how desperately I crave the sensation of their fingers on my clit. They answer my pleas by increasing their pace and rubbing my clit in circles, each slap of our skin together only intensifying the pleasure.

The moment they ask if I want to climax, I answer without reservation that I would do anything for it. They command me to call myself their “slut” and with each repetition, I feel my orgasm building until it finally overtakes me, contracting around their manhood as they release themselves inside of me.

Afterwards, they hold me close, whispering in my ear how good of a girl I am. The whole experience leaving me feeling simultaneously satisfied and hungry for more.

Any takers? haha

NSFW: yes

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