My teacher tricked me [F18]

I used to have a good relationship with all my teachers most of them have been men that’s why they liked me a lot i suppose…

But a few months ago i really had an strange experience. I failed a history test and my teacher who is quite old however he really is a handsome, mature man. If you read my other stories you already know that iam into older men. I can not even imagine being with an 18 year old boy anymore….i need mature grown men.

Now lets get back to the story after class he told me that i has to come to his office after my next lesson because i was the only one who failed the test. The whole next lesson i couldn’t stop thinking about him and i couldn’t get the wondered out of my head of him railing the shit out of me in his office room. My pussy was wet the hole lesson i could feel it tripping down my upper legs. I have never been so horny in my whole life. So after the lesson i get up and try making my way to his office. Standing in front of his door i have been so nervous my legs were shaking. After one minute of just standing in front i finally knocked on the door. He welcomed me with a warm and slightly sexy hug really grapping my waist and pulling me towards him. His slightly angry very deep voice made me become even more horny. After he told me what i have to do to pass the class, i but my hands on his desk and he starts massaging them. Time stopped for me i didn’t remember what happened but the next thing i remember was me being on my knees sucking his cock under his office desk. He came in my mouth and i swallowed his load. If he would have fucked me I can not even imagine what an orgasm I would have had. I literally was close to finishing myself just by sucking his cock. A really long story do you want me too explain the rest? Part 2?

NSFW: yes


  1. lillybeinghot

    Such a naughty experience….
    The story continues and gets even more horny 😈
    I want you to guess what did happen next😉

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