my teacher cummed in my mouth

This is a story that happened about 2 weeks ago and I still get wet when I still think about it.
I moved to my new college this year and instantly found my bio teacher hot. He had a nice beard and overall a good physic. I don’t think he’s ever been attracted to me or has only seen me as a student. I am really bad in bio and just end up failing so my he ended up calling me to his office to talk about it. Nothing happened that day except for I could stare at him talking to me for 10mins. I had an instant crush on him and I just wanted him. At this point I didn’t even care whether he was elder than me or my teacher.
So for the next few days I have been constantly trying to give him signs but it just wasn’t working and it was frustrating me. So I said fuck it, woke up wore my skirt with no panties, wore my favorite cute top and went to college. This was the day I got attention of almost every boy that passed by and I honestly loved it. I walked up to him and he seemed already annoyed
So I had to fix his mood, I went to him and tried touching his shoulder he seemed uncomfy so I placed his hands around my legs so he knew it was fine for me. We basically spent the first 5 mins just doing these here and there until I was losing my patience and kissed him. And dear God I loved it. He did not hold back surprisingly and went for it.
His hands started slowly sliding up my naked pussy and he noticed how wet I was and rubbed my pussy then slid his fingers in them. He finger fucked me so good but sadly I had to keep my voice low. How bad I wanted to moan out his name and let him know how good he was. He slapped my pussy and put his beautiful face on my kitty. He licked and bit my clit. He told me I tasted exactly how he imagined. I pushed him and got on my knees because it was my time to please him. I unzipped his pants and his cock bounced on my face. I loved how it looked, I licked the tip of his dick and gave him a hand job while making sure I kept eye contact and then swallowed his cum. By thie time the bell rang and I had to go. So I fixed my skirt gave him a wink and left the room
The next day was really awkward, we looked at each other like we had no idea what had happened yesterday but that turned me on. I found his number on the teachers info section and texted him, we had a small talk about 3 days ago and it ended there. He texted me today asking if I was free on Tuesday. I am very excited maybe this time I’ll be able to have his load deep inside my holes.

NSFW: yes

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