My stepsister

This happened a long time ago. After my parents divorce my father remarried and I got a stepsister. She wasn’t the prettiest girl but definitely not ugly. More like the girl next door.

In the beginning my stepsis and I didn’t talk a lot, you can easily say that we were avoiding each other. So we spend most of our days separately in our rooms. While surfing instagram I discovered a user account that was probably hers and I discovered a whole different side of her. Pics in nice tiny bikinis, kinky people that she followed, naughty pictures and so on. I’d followed her with one of my private accounts.

We started to chat, I made her compliments, made her feel good about herself. After a while we got naughty and we were sexting. To spice up things she send pictures of her lingerie.

I decided to take my changes and when she was in the garden I told her she looked beautiful in that blue lingerie set. She went completely red and asked me what i was talking about. I said I was the instagram chat mate, she walked furious away. After 5 minutes I went after her to her room. I told her that her secret was safe with me and that I meant everything that I said on ig. After I went to my room.

Later that day and the next days I checked my user account but nothing. And then suddenly while our parents were gone a knock on my door, there she was standing in that blue set.

Do you want to know what happened next?

NSFW: yes

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