My Sister’s Undies

I (m20) am heading back to school soon. My sister Amy (f21) is doing the same.

We had the normal sibling relationship growing up but have gotten quite close since we went off to school. Though we are at different schools about five hours away from each other, our bond has grown strong during the season of life.

Our closeness was in full display the first week we were home for the summer.

We both came home from the last semester with our mountain of laundry. Our living room becomes ground zero where Amy, our mom and I are separating, folding and piling. We worked until late and then abandoned the work until the next morning.

We all woke up around the same time. The three of us had breakfast and talked through our plans for the day.

Amy was the first to grab a couple piles of laundry and head upstairs. “I’m gonna grab a shower,” she said as she hauled her clothes with her.

I hung with mom and had another cup of coffee. When I heard the shower turn off and Amy’s footsteps to her room, I took that as my time for the bathroom.

I grabbed my clothes and went up to my room. I could hear Amy on the phone in her room down the hall.

As I separated my piles I found a pair of her undies mixed in with my stuff. I grabbed what I needed for my shower, grabbed her panties and headed for her room.

I turned the corner through her door and stopped dead in my tracks. Amy was sitting on the edge of her bed. She had her right foot tucked up under her left leg. She was still talking on the phone, and apart from the towel she wrapped her hair with, she was absolutely naked!

She has a fairly average body. She’s not toned but she’s not thick. Big perky breasts. Long legs. Beautiful. I could see just a hint of pubic hair.

I was stunned. She was unfazed.

She pulled the phone away. “What’s up?”

“Uh, um, these were in my pile.”

I tossed her undies to her. “Anything else,” she asked. “Nope,” I said.

She went back to her call and I lingered for a second before backing out and heading to the bathroom.

I stripped, showered, then took my moment alone to beat off thinking of her beautiful body. I’m jerking away when I hear Amy’s voice in the bathroom.

“Hey, sorry about that. Tricia called when I was still getting ready. Didn’t mean to flash ya.”

“It’s all good. Gives me something to think about while I’m in here,” I joked. Inappropriate jokes were our thing.

We both laughed and then the shower curtain flung open. I turned quickly with my cock in my hand and saw Amy standing there, eyes wide open.

“Holy shit,” she said. “I didn’t think you were serious.”

“Well what are you doing,” I asked.

“I was going to say fair is fair, but damn…” she said. “Keep going.”

I was stunned by her ask. Her eyes were locked on my cock. I started jerking again.

I tugged for about thirty seconds when Amy walked across the bathroom and closed the door. She turned and walked back toward the shower stall. She pulled her shirt and bra up and off.

“Come closer,” she said. She knelt on the floor mat and I met her at the edge. She grabbed my cock and shoved it down her throat.

For the next minute she gave me the most amazing blowjob of my life! She slobbed away as her big tits bounced.

I let her know I was about to cum, but she managed a gargled ‘just go’ as she continued to suck me off.

I grabbed her pony tail as I blew my load down her throat. She sucked me dry and swallowed every drop.

She got up and wiped her mouth. She slapped me on the ass and grabbed her shirt and bra. “See you downstairs,” she said, as she peaked out the bathroom door to make sure the coast was clear before darting to her room.

NSFW: yes

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