My sister’s glory hole

My elder sister is a very hot girl , with big tits and ass . Most of my friends have jerked off to my sis . But in past few years my family wasn’t doing well financially .
My dad was basically out of town everyday a d mom never left the house .
I went to my friends house to hang out . But that day , he took me to a old toilet near our college . There he showed me a stall with a small hole . He inserted his dick inside it and started moaning . He came after some time.
He told me to try it ..
I was hesitant at first , but then I did it .. As soon as I put my dick inside the hole . I felt a warm sensation on my dick , it was a soft mouth sucking on my cock ..It was so good that I came quickly. My balls were drained.
From that day , I went there every evening at the same time .
Then one day , After my blowjob . I talked for the first time in my ordinary voice saying ” can I touch your boobs ” .
Then suddenly I heard ” what the fuck ? ” , from the stall , I knew it was my sister’s voice . She quickly opened the door and saw me . Her mouth was covered with my cum .
Both of us froze for a second.

NSFW: yes

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