My Sister’s Best Friend


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My sister and her friend Jamie went out on a double date with some guys they met. They were going into the city to go to a dance club. I get a phone call at midnight from my sister crying because the guys ditched them and now her and Jamie are stuck in the city. I tell her I know where she is and that there was a coffee shop not too far away, go there and I’ll be there to pick you up. It’s a 45-minute drive into the city and I discover the girls at the coffee shop I told them to go to. They both get in my car and kiss me on the cheek calling me their hero. My sister not wanting to upset my parents (who she is still living with at the time) ask if they can crash at my place. Knowing my parents, I said it was cool. I told them they could crash in my room, and I’ll sleep on the couch.

The ride home the girls were in the back seat, whispering and giggling. I hear my sister say “No, you can’t do that”, followed by more giggling. We get to my apartment, it’s a small one bedroom but it works for me. I show the girls into my room, get them a couple of t-shirts they can wear (I’m 6’4” so one of my t-shirts is like a nighty for them). Grab a blanket and pillow and head to the couch. I can hear them gigging away as I sit down with a beer and watch Sportscenter to wind down after the long drive.

I finish the beer and turn off the TV to try and get some sleep. Jamie walks in and asks if she can have some water. I get up and grab a bottle of water from the fridge. When I turn around, she is taking off the t-shirt I gave her, and she is in just her bra and panties.

“What are you doing?” I asked

“Acting on my impulses” she said. “I’ve always crushed on you and your sister would never allow me to go for it. Even tonight she told me I can’t have you. Well, she’s sleeping, and I want you.”

Jamie had long dancer’s legs and I could get a very good look at her B cup tits. She walked to me and kissed me. I made no attempts to stop her, in fact I reached down and grabbed her ass with both hands. Her body was tight and lean. She stared to grind herself into my crotch, feeling my cock harden by the second.

I break the kiss “You like that? Is that what you’ve always wanted?” I asked her as she looked up at me

“Yes, ever since we were kids and I saw you getting out of the shower. I’ve wanted you for a long time.”

I take her by the hand and lead her to the couch. I drop my pants to my ankles and take a seat. I grip my dick at the base and wiggle it for her. She smiles as she gets on her knees in front of me. She stares at my dick for a moment, not realizing just how think I am till now. I continue to wiggle my cock in her face. Finally, she wraps her hands around it and starts to stroke me.

Jamie stroked my dick for a minute, just taking it in. “Fuck! That’s nice, I can’t wait to feel that in my pussy.” She said and started running her tongue up and down the under side of my dick. I just laid back enjoying the feeling till finally she took the head in her mouth. I just let out a moan as I can feel her mouth stretching out around my fat dick

She starts taking as much of my cock as she can, moaning as her head bobs up and down, she cups and plays with my balls as she blows me. I need to taste her as well; I push her off and tell her I want to 69. I lay on the floor, and she positions herself on top of me, she still has her thong on, I push the material to the side exposing her dripping wet pussy. I quickly plunge my tongue into her pussy. I can taste her sweet juice and let my tongue explore her. I discover my way to her clit, licking and sucking on it. Her moaning intensifies as I begin to hit all the right spots for her. She starts to hump my face and tongue, I can feel her legs shaking as her body stiffens up, she takes my cock out of her mouth as she tries to stifle her moan. She lays on me for a moment to catch her breath.

“I want your dick in me Eddie, I need you to fuck me” she tells me as she takes off her panties and bra and positions herself over my still hard dick. She lowers herself down, my thick head pushing into her tight little body. The moan that escapes from her is almost animalistic as her tight pussy gets stretched out to accommodate my fat cock.

Jamie’s pussy felt so good, she was wet and tight. I could see her little pussy stretched out around my cock. She started bouncing up and down on my dick, her perky tits bouncing in rhythm with her. Around the corner I see my sister. She is staring at us, mouth open in shock that her best friend and big brother are fucking on the floor in front of her. I pull Jamie down and begin thrusting up into her. My sister can see her best friend’s pussy being stretched out. “Fuck me Eddie….. Fuck yes that’s soooo good”

I pull my dick out of Jamie and tell her to get on all fours. I get up and move behind her, I wag may cock at my sister for her to see. She can see all the juices covering my cock and balls as she continues to stare. I give a smile and she mouths to me “Fuck her hard”

I get behind Jamie and waste no time. I push into her little pussy. “Oh fuck yes. Fill me with that dick” she moans. I begin fucking her fast and deep. “You like that? “ I ask as I smack her ass. I look back at my sister, she has a hand in her panties fingering herself as she watches me work. I can feel Jamie’s pussy grabbing my cock as she starts to cum again. I keep pounding away. I look back at my sister as I’m going. She’s transfixed by what she’s seeing. “I want you to cum in me…. Please Eddie…. Fill me up” Jamie moans. I can see my sister is cumming now too. I focus on Jamie and go as hard and as fast as I can. I can feel the tension building and like a damn letting go I blast my load deep in her pussy, pushing my cock as deep as I can in her. I can feel ropes of cum filling her up. She moans with ecstasy as she feels me giving her what she wants.

I pull out and let my sister see my handy work. Jamie’s pussy is red and swollen from the pounding I gave her. My cum leaking from her, thick and white mixed with her juices. She collapses on the floor as I sit down and lean against the couch. The two of us a sweaty mess. I look up at my sister, she just smiles at me and sneaks back to the bedroom.

“Oh fuck! I hope we didn’t wake Lynn up. She would be pissed if she knew about this.” Jamie said.

“I think we’ll be fine”

NSFW: yes

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