My sister peed in my mouth while I ate her!!

If you haven’t read my last story this one’s probably going to confuse you, Go check it out on my user account.
Let’s start…
So after she ate me on her birthday we decided to have something again soon. So yesterday exactly after a week we did it again,this time more spicier.Just to let you know she’s my cousin sister she stays a bit far away from where I live so God I wish we both lived together we could have had so much fun. Let’s get back to the story.

She arrived at our house with her dad (my uncle) we both decided to go to the market in the evening and have some quality time when we get back.It was nearly 4 in the evening we were in the same room getting ready to leave for the market. As soon as she unpinned her bra I got turned on just by looking at those cute boobs. I asked her if I could just click a snap of it and she was okay with it, also giving me different poses which made it way more sexy. We decided not to go to the market and have it straight away rn, After making out for nearly 2 mins she asked me to eat her. I got straight into it, she tasted like pure honey mmm so fucking tastyyy… She even peed in my mouth lol sounds gross but at that time everything was like heaven I loved her hot pee on my mouth and kept eating her until she came🤤❤️we both got tierd and slept naked after that. I am so glad after so much physical intimacy and rough sex we both aren’t awkward at all…Hope you liked my experience. will keep you posted if anything new happens. Drop a opinion and you can also suggest what else we both could do together. Love ya 💞

NSFW: yes

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