my sister in law caught me

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NSFW: yes

So a while back I had nowhere to live. My girlfriend and I split up and I moved into my brother’s house while getting myself back on my feet.

My brother his wife and I were all having a drink and just a general chat about what I was gonna do. After too many drinks the chat got serious and I got upset as I didn’t know where I was going next. Like most guys it moved on to the subject of sex and I admitted that part of the break up was that I had a high labido and my ex had a low labido.

Anyways. After many drinks and a chat, where I confess to being horny always now I was alone and that I missed having sex we all retired to our beds.

It must have been the sex talk but that night my brother and his wife went all out and fucked hard. I could hear them and wasn’t even in the adjoining room. It was so sexy to hear them both that I nutted there and then. Then in a normal drink manner I cleaned up and fell asleep.

I woke sometime around 11am and assumed everyone had gone out, still hungover I thought around upstairs and noticed some of my sister in law’s lingerie on the floor in the bathroom. It looked nice and sexy. I started to imagine her ok it. With that hungover horniness men at all times get my cock instantly stood to attention.

Right there and then I went to work. Slowly pulling on my cock. It felt great. I was naked in the bathroom and slowly stroking my cock.

I started to walk around. What else could I discover. Was there anything in their room.

Walking around upstairs I went into their room, still stroking my cock. I opened cupboard and searched through draws. I then found a one piece outfit that is cut at the crotch. Clearly used. Something about it made my cock twicth and for some reason I had to out it on.

I have never done this before but it instantly made me even harder. My cock slipped through the crotchless area. Fantastic. Next I lay on her side of the bed. It still smelled of her perfume. I lay in their bed and cast a few bids of family events on to the TV, mainly ones where she was dominent in them. I eventually found some great pics of her in a bikini she had posted on Facebook. I lay there stroking my cock wearing her outfit and enjoying every second of it.

Suddenly I noticed someone stood in the doorway. OMFG it was her, my sister in law. She stood there watching me. I looked up at her and our eyes met. She was wearing a bikini. The same one as the pic ok the screen. She had been out in the garden sunbathing.

My cock exploded all over the outfit. We kept eye contact the entire time. I didn’t even need to jerk it much. It just went off like a gun. I moaned a little but tried to keep it all in.

Oh shit sorry, I didn’t realise you were in i said as I jumped up. Cum still oozing from my cock and cum all over the outift.

She walked around to where I was. To surprise she smiled and said that’s unfair what about my turn.

She walked past me and opened a cupboard she pulled out a rabbit vibrator. As she walked back past me she took off her outfit and revealed her amazing pert breasts and a perfectly timed and maintained pussy. She lay down on her bed legs hanging over the side. Spread herself open and started to play with herself.

I didn’t know what to do. I stood back and went to remove her one-piece I was still wearing. She shook her head and said leave it on.

After a little pussy play she was wet enough for the vibrator to enter her. She slowly slipped it in. Her eyes lit up. She told me to take over. I stepped forward and took the base in my hand. Slowly I pushed it in and out taking care and keeping an eye on her face. She loved it.

I could see her getting wetter and wetter and it was going in and out with ease. She lay back and stretched out her arms. She was fully on her back head slightly raised and keeping eye contact with me.

My cock started to stir and soon I was hard as a rock again. She noticed and smiled. I took it in my other hand and started to jerk. It felt fantastic. I worked it faster in my hand and really pumped it. I could feel it throbbing and wanting more.

To my surprise she sat up and stopped me. She took out the vibrator and got off the bed. She left the room.

WTF! I am sure she was enjoying it and she looked close enough to exploding.

After what felt like an age she re entered the room wearing a very similar outfit to the one I had on.

She walked back over and lay back on the bed right in front of me. I was still rock hard. My cock was pulsing at the sight of her body in her one-piece. It was crotchless too.

Don’t just stand there, fuck me already.

I stepped forward and she took hold of my cock. She guided it into her still wet vagina. It throbbed as it went in.

I am close she told me once I was fully inside. Fuck me hard and fast , don’t hold back.

I didn’t need to be told twice and had already started to go to town before she finished telling me.

I grabbed hold of her small waist which was on the edge of the bed and pounded away. She flung her arms back onto the bed.

You cock is enormous she shouted. Now I don’t believe it is but when a woman tells you that your cock just throbs and wants more.

She looked at me and told me to keep eye contact with her. She wanted me to watch her orgasm. With that her hands grabbed ahold of the bed sheets and she shouted out fuck yeah oh shit yeah. She writhed on the bed her eyes slightly closing for a second or so. I just kept my gaze on her.

Cum now she demanded and out of nowhere as if my cock was her slave it exploded deep within her. This made her shout out again. I had never fucked someone so hard and deep and it felt perfect.

I collapsed on top of her and we started to kiss. My cock still throbbing deep within her. From time to time she would moan a little.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. DM’s open for you to let me know how that was for you. It sure made me hard telling it.

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