my sister and i [FF1819]

i haven’t posted for awhile,, sorry about that
my sister has been sleeping a lot because we’ve been sick, so while she’s been asleep i’ve been touching her and even tasted her.
she sleeps in underwear and that’s it.
i’ve been sleeping in her bed with her because the tv is closer and she has a switch that i’m not allowed to play on my bed for some reason.
she falls asleep, as a hormonal teenager i get urges.
intrusive thoughts..
i let them win.
i touched her nipple.
no response.
my heart was beating out of my fucking chest.
i did it again.
my pussy was throbbing from this alone.
i touched again,, this time moving my finger around her nipple.
it was fully erect and she moaned a bit.
i couldn’t tell if she was asleep or not so i froze.
the feeling is coming back,, the feeling of nervousness, angst, and adrenaline.
i deadass don’t find out how you can orgasm from not even touching but it happened
i clenched my jaw so hard i almost panicked thinking about breaking one of my teeth.
i then wondered about all the other times she moans in her sleep without touching or anything.
so i got a little cocky,,
i then moved her panties to the side.
the sight-
let me tell you i had NEVER felt that way before.
i was so excited.
i rubbed her slit..
multiple times,, god i feel like a creep.
she then proceeded to grind on my hand.
i pulled back fast as fuck.
she jerked up.
“What the fuck??”
my face was so fucking red
i apologized over and over again.
she told me to get the fuck out of her bed and i did.
my panties were soaked though so i had to finish myself off again..and again.. and again..

we had already been messing around but decided to stop for awhile because it was weird.
this is now a loved kink between us.

NSFW: yes

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