My sister and I [20s F] seduced a much older man while traveling

I’m the co-ed that occasionally posts here who has a rather…unique…relationship with her step father and sister.

Well, I’m back to regale you all with another tale I’m sure many will claim is fake, but that’s ok, because I’m horny and I feel like telling it anyway.

Basically, I’m currently traveling the US for the summer with my sister and some friends – all of us former members of a…rabidly religious commune or “family”…that engaged in generational incest among other “oddities”.

We escaped said cult, but old habits die hard, and some of us have had a harder time breaking the cycle than others.

Pretty unusual starter, I know, but I felt the need to give you a little background insight on our “family” dynamic in case you’re not familiar with me and might discover this next part weird.

Last month, while on a middle of the night stop at a rest stop in Northern California, my sister and I went off on our own while the rest of our “family” was asleep and ended up in a predicament that looked a little like this:

I had just gotten done undressing in a pilot J bathroom and was about to pay for one of those overpriced showers (*living on the road makes you feel gross, what can I say?*) when I heard my sister knock on the door.

She had a weird, almost amused tone about her and when I cracked open the door to see why (*still naked, mind you*) I noticed that she was smirking—and not alone.

I peeked out the door wider and saw that beside her was an (*admittedly kind of handsome*) older man who had a look on his face like all his wildest fantasies had just come to life.

That’s when my sister went off on this long spiel about how this guy she had just gotten to talking to in the check out line had offered to “take her on a ride in his decked out semi”, but only if she did him a favor in return.

We had both been doing a lot of drinking earlier that night and she’s at all times been overly flirtatious with men old enough to be our father while drunk, and apparently, a highway rest stop was no exception.

Now, it’s also worth noting at this point that the two of us are also gigantic sex addicts with not the best inebriated decision making skills—a fact that became all too apparent when I cracked the door open to allow them both inside.

It was a little awkward at first, as these things at all times are, but one thing led to another and before I knew it, the three of us were inside the private shower (*which he was kind enough to pay for*) having an experience I’m pretty sure he might die before he ever forgets.

He had a lot of stamina for an older guy too, especially one in his predicament. I say that because he was somehow able to cum all over my sister’s face and tits and still have some left in the tank for me.

Maybe he popped a viagra at some point between the check out line and the bathroom?

Who knows.

Anyway, this is hands down one of our hottest recent experiences on the road.

Just wondered I’d distribute 😉

NSFW: yes

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