[M]y secret school hookups with a friend’s sister (Long)

My [first story]( seemed to go over well, so here’s a part 2 detailing some highlights of my school affair with Pink after our wild night.

After our drunken all-nighter, it took a few days’ recovery before Pink, and I could take some more time alone to explore what we had started. We kept up appearances as typical in the group but slid each other sly smiles and winks, sending teasing texts and pictures while we waited for our next opportunity. Finally, after what must’ve been the longest week of waiting I’d had at that point, she was finally ready to repay the orgasm she owed.

We were having a hangout at the house like we normally did, listening to music and chatting away about nothing until it started getting late. We started trickling away, saying our goodbyes and making loose plans to hang out again soon before giving Pink and Violet a hug goodbye for the night. But tonight, as I was walking to my car, Pink texted me.

*Don’t go far, I’ll let you know when the coast is clear*

Heart thumping at the implication, I drove to the nearest gas station to fuel up and grab something sweet while I waited. About half an hour later, I received the message to return for a special surprise.

Stopping slightly up the street so my headlights wouldn’t show, I parked and quickly strolled up the street until I reached the door of the newly darkened house. It felt like my heart was gonna rear itself out of my chest as I texted Pink that I was outside waiting, and she told me to come to her bedroom window. Taking a deep breath, I quietly moved around to the side of the house to be greeted with one of the sexiest sights of my life.

Pink was there in the window, blinds raised and completely naked except for a small black thong. It was all I could do to stand there staring at her perky C-cup tits and broad smile in the moonlight, her hard nipples poking out in the cool night air.

“Hey,” she said casually, her smile growing more mischievous by the second as she leaned out toward me, pressing her tits up between her arms on the windowsill.

“You want to come in?”

“Absolutely,” I said as I drew close to the window, grabbing the back of her head and pulling her in for a deep kiss. She giggled, and we made out for a minute before I reached my hands up and lifted myself through her window as quietly as I could. I couldn’t believe how much hotter the sneaking in was making an already very intense moment.

Once inside, I immediately grabbed her hips and pulled her close, kissing her roughly and spinning her around to push her up against the windowsill. With one hand on her firm ass and another sliding up her stomach to fondle her tits, I let myself get lost in the moment as we made out until she bit her lip and leaned in close to my ear.

“I believe I owe you,” she said before nibbling on my ear and shoving me towards the bed. Smiling, I sat back on the bed as she straddled me, pressing her perfect breasts to my face. I traced my tongue up her chest before starting to slowly run my tongue across her nipples and biting softly, growing hard at her soft groans and fingers in my hair.

“Did you grab any condoms?” she asked, gripping my hair and lolling her head back. Shit.

Fuck, didn’t even cross my mind… Sorry Pink,” I half groaned, cursing myself as I leaned back to look up at her.

“It’s fine, I’m sure we can figure something out,” she said, disappointment flashing briefly before her mischievous smile took over again.

Gripping my shoulders, she pinned me back onto the bed and leaned down, sucking and biting my neck as her hands slipped down to undo my belt. I moaned softly, kicking off my shoes and trying to be quiet to not disturb Violet in her room across the hall as Pink slipped off my shirt and pants. Sitting up, she moved to my side and ordered me further up the bed, hooking my boxers as I went to deftly slip them off, revealing my already throbbing dick.

She slowly began stroking me, staring into my eyes before leaning down and roughly kissing me. I gripped her hair, pulling her in harder and trying to suppress a groan as she picked up her pace, lifting her head and tracing her tongue down my neck before kissing my neck again. Sliding my free hand up her thigh, I slid her thong to the side and started slowly rubbing her pussy but she leaned up and brushed my hand away.

“Maybe later, right now, this is just about what I owe you,” she said, kissing me and locking eyes as she started to kiss down my chest.

As I said in my last story, Pink is easily one of the best and most enthusiastic blowjob givers I’ve ever had. She trailed her tongue down my stomach, kissing softly and never breaking eye contact as she adjusted her hand and slowly rolled her tongue around the head of my dick. She was mesmerizing, every roll of her tongue sending shocks up my body as I desperately tried to stay quiet.

She started kissing the the head of my hard cock, running her lips and tongue lazily up and down my shaft before smiling softly and slamming me hard straight down her throat. Gasping, I reached out and pulled the hair back from her face as she started quickly fucking me with her throat, tongue slipping out to tease my balls as she pressed her nose to my pelvis.

“Holy fuck, Pink…” I moaned softly, not breaking her intense eye contact as she drenched and swallowed every inch of me. My hands gripped her hair harder, more following her motion than guiding her as she worked my cock in her throat. As she came up for a breath, she pressed her tongue firmly against the bottom of my glistening shaft, trailing all the way to the tip and smiling, strands of drool still clinging to her lips as she kissed the tip again.

“This alright?” She asked, smiling and kissing around my cock, reaching a hand up to slowly stroke me.

“Fucking incredible,” I half panted, desperate to be in her mouth again, fingers running through her curls as she teased.

“You sure? I could always stop if you aren’t – ” she said teasingly before I cut her off by gripping her hair and pushing my throbbing cock back down her throat.

“Don’t you dare stop,” I said roughly, forcing her down on my dick and going even further into the frenzy as her satisfied moans vibrated against me.

I couldn’t think as she throated and tongued me, one hand coming up to play with my balls, and the other firmly latched to my thigh as she sucked me as hard and fast as she could. The only thing that kept me even remotely quiet was the knowledge of Violet in her room across the hall hearing the commotion and coming to investigate, only to discover her sister’s throat firmly locked around her friend’s cock.

After a few minutes of her intense enthusiasm and the sight of those gorgeous watering eyes, I couldn’t hold on any longer. Biting my knuckle, I flooded her throat with my built up cum with a low groan, my whole body spasming as she swallowed every drop.

I fell back on the bed, panting and staring up at the ceiling as she leaned back and crawled up the bed to fall on my chest, fingers lightly trailing my soaked and overly sensitive cock, eliciting another shocked spasm from me with a giggle.

“How was that?” She asked, pressing close to my neck and nipping at my ear.

“I mean holy shit… Literally, the best I’ve ever had, Pink,” I said, hand trailing up her back.

“Flatterer,” she giggled, nuzzling up to me and closing her eyes, seeming perfectly self-satisfied.

“Just honest,” I said, chin resting on the top of her head.

“What now?”

“Your turn,” I said, grabbing her shoulder and pressing her back into the bed, kissing her, and starting to tease down her neck.

I kissed down her chest, stopping to roll my tongue around her nipples before sucking one into my mouth, lightly biting and reaching a hand up to play with the other. She moaned softly, shuddering as I ran my tongue down her stomach and slipped my fingers into her thong, sliding it off.

“You really don’t have to. This was about you…” she said, trailing off as I slid a finger into her tight, trimmed pussy and slowly ran my tongue across the hood of her clit.

“Don’t worry, it’s still about me. I’m really going to enjoy this,” I said before sliding a second finger inside and sucking her clit into my mouth, rolling my tongue.

Fuck..” she half moaned, fingers running through my hair as I started roughly licking her faster, my fingers picking up speed.

She tasted amazing, her soft whimpers driving me wild as I lapped and buried my face and fingers in her. I looked up, eyes meeting hers again as that smile came back to her face, back arching as she pressed her pussy into my tongue. My short beard was getting soaked, thighs pressing into my head as she tried to stay quiet.

I slid my fingers out of her, burying my tongue in her pussy as I took a lubed finger and slid it into her ass, slowly beginning to pump in and out. She let out a louder moan, unable to hold back and I had to reach up with my hand, covering her mouth and resting her thigh on my shoulder as I sucked and rolled my tongue deeper inside her.

“Orion… Orion… F-fuck!” She said, voice muffled by my hand as her body began to shake, hands gripping my hair as she thighs pressed tight to the sides of my head. I felt her spasm and shake, her pussy absolutely dripping as I tried to lick up every bit of her juices while she came on my tongue.

Panting, she fell back to the bed as I leaned back, running my hand down my soaked beard and made my way back up to her. Flopping down beside her, she leaned over and kissed me softly, laying on my chest.

“Fuck..” she mumbled into my chest, arms wrapping around me.

“Worth it?” I asked, pulling her in close.

She nodded, smiling and tracing one of my tattoos with her finger. I laid back, suddenly very tired and not wanting to move but knowing I couldn’t stay. I started to sit up when she stopped me.

“Would you mind staying for a bit longer? This is nice, I like to cuddle before bed,” she said, hand on my shoulder.

“Alright, I can hang out until you’re asleep. But I can’t stay, don’t want Violet to come in here in the morning or see my car up the street.”

She nodded again, already dozing as I played with her hair. Within 10 minutes, she was asleep, and I closed the window, slipping out the front door quietly before making my way home for the night.

She texted me the next day, saying she’d see me tonight, and so what had started off as a wild night of drunk anal sex became a months long secret hookup. We’d meet almost every night, giving and receiving, letting her sleep, then slipping away.

There were a couple of more notable events, I’ll write them out if you guys are interested. There’s also other girls from my time in school, including another friend’s sister and a bar blowjob/later hookup on a study abroad trip. Let me know what you guys think.

NSFW: yes

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