My science teacher in a skirt – Short Sex Story

When I was in college I had a science teacher who was fairly young she was 27 Hispanic not thin but just maybe a size 7 short about 5’1 maybe 130 or so. She was pretty but would wear way ro much make up and way to much perfume and costume jewelry I called it.

She was all the time wearing long dresses and pant suits but one day she wore a short black skirt and it caught all the boys attention. She would wear maybe every 2 weeks or so then a short green one till it got to where she was wearing a short skirt almost every other day.

One day I was talking to my friend and we got loud and she got upset and told me to sit out in the hallway till class was over. I got my chair and went outside and just started doing my assignment. The bell rang I went bsck in and was getting my stuff and she tells me to stay and I have to do my assignment over. Everyone rushed out and she closes the door and sits at her desk . I’m writing my paper and she gets up and locks the door from the room and sits bsck down.

I’m rushing trying to finish so I could go home since it was the end of the day already. She comes to my desk and gives me another paper says I have to complete that one as well. I sigh and she like see that’s what happens when you don’t follow rules. She turns around to walk away and she picks her skirt up at the waist and adjust it and I look and I see her butt cheeks just exposed. I look down quick and she doesn’t say anything she just walks to the door opens the shade and she says it’s getting late but take your time I want all the right answers.

I’m just staring at her and all I see is ass and I’m thinking does she know that she lifted her skirt that high. She walks over to me and I look right at her crotch as she has no panties on and her hairy cunt is all exposed. She grabs a chair from a desk and sits right in front of me but to the left of me. She sits with her legs wide open and she says look can you tell I haven’t shaved in all month.

I look and she is rubbing her clit and she moves the hair and spreads open her lips to expose her pink pussy. She looks at me and says look touch her. I reach over and begin to rub her clit and she moans loud and then she says oh fuck don’t stop. I continue rubbing till she cums and pees all over my hand. She gets up fast and tells me to take out my dick. I take my shoes off my pants and underwear and she just starts sucking my dick but really hard. I begin to cum and she says mmm mmm mmn and gagging and she stops sucks only the head and says get dressed and go home already.

I get dressed and go home and the next few weeks she acts like nothing happened.

NSFW: yes

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