My peggging experiences which I love

I’ve pegged 6 different guys now. They all take some level of convincing but eventually everyone agrees. Watching this big strong man turn into a cute little guy just sprawled out on my bed unable to speak or even think while he takes a strapon he insisted would be too big for him. I live for that shit.

And I am good. I mean really good. All of them give some silly ultimatum like “oh ok but if you get to peg me then I get to do anal too!” Guess what, nobody has ever wanted to do the anal afterwards. They just get the best orgasm of their life and can barely walk and then they can’t think about anything else and they come right back for more. I’m happy to give it to them too, any time and any place.

Then of course there’s the dude-bros that are like “oh yeah I never do this but you’re just so hot, I wouldn’t be doing this if you weren’t so attractive, it’s only because you’re hot” and it’s like uh huh yeah baby thank you now bend over so you can get rammed! Oh and guess what, they all the time come back again. And again. And every time they’re all ashamed but I make sure to go extra hard on them. Maybe I’ll fuck the shame right out of them and we can all be adults and admit how great it is.

I’d say I have 3 regulars who ask for it about once a week. I do extra special stuff for those boys because they at least admit they love it. Then there’s 1 that will never ask for it but asks to hang out and then spends the whole time talking about what we did last time until I go get the strap then he becomes a nice obedient little boy and bends over for me. Then of course there’s the other 2. Reluctant to admit how amazing I am but they’ve both had it more than twice now and every time they say “ok cool I’m only doing it cause you’re hot though, I wouldn’t normally do this” but weirdly they just keep coming back. Silly guys.

One more thing, the moans. Boys moan so beautifully while they’re getting railed and you can tell how good you are by how loud they get. I’ll just be rocking my hips back and forth and suddenly I’m getting these beautiful moans to let me know I’m hitting the spot. Best sound on earth if you ask me.

I just love being the strapon girl. It’s the best.

NSFW: yes

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