My oldest sister left her husband. Part 11 Unexpected guest day 3

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By the 3rd day Barb has kinda calmed down a bit. Val is working lots but we’re still having tons of sex cause we have to do it in odd places. I fucked Val on her desk 10 times I bet. Lol
But Barb still is flaunting her body. Not as bad or aggressive but she’s still looking at me with a horny look.
We went out for supper the second night. Val being her naughty self is wearing a skirt across from me no panties of course and her new buttplug with glowing light she’s turning on and off with a little remote. Lol. But Barb also is across wearing a skirt. Kicks me, shifts her look down revealing she not wearing panties and she spread her labia exposing her clit ring.
To be honest that got me pretty hard. That and she discreetly pushed her boob out the side of her top so only I could see it. Good lord.

Here we are a couple days later. Barbs only been here 3 days and it’s a shit show. Val doesn’t know the half of it. Val and I are in my bed which is mine and Val’s bed which is our parents bed. Barb crashed after drinking wine with her pills. She was kinda in a coma, we hoped.
Val and I decided to celebrate by her getting on top riding me. Then my fav. Sitting on my face while I lick her pussy and ass. Then I moved Val back onto my cock and she did the ride my cock scrubbing backing and forth thing. She was really in high gear and her tits were wet and sweaty. I dig sweaty Val. We were so into it we didn’t notice Barb. We had no idea how long she’d been standing there. I saw Barb but didn’t say anything cause Val was just about to cum. In true Val fashion it was a groaning ass clenching oh fuck yes orgasm. And as she’s finishing she’s leaning over telling me she loves me. I tap Val on the back and turn her enough to see Barb. Val grab the covers and hides. Barb!! How long have you been standing there? She says about from when I saw you licking Val’s asshole. Val is hyperventilating. Barb is naked. She quietly comes over and asks how long has this been going on? As she’s asking questions she’s climbing under the covers with us. Val is on the verge of crying I’m in shock and Barb is calmly getting into bed with us. Barb says, you know, I had a feeling. She goes, you two seem connected. Barb is on one side Val on the other. Barb puts her head on my shoulder and says, we can talk about it tomorrow. And passes out. I’m looking at Val. Huh? I say to Val maybe we can make her think this was a hallucination? Val. Looks at me. Nope. I sorta roll towards Val with Barbs tits in my back and go back to kissing Val and sucking her tits. Val goes are you nuts? I said. We’ve already been caught. Not gonna get worse. She goes, good point. I get on top of Val who is incredibly wet and now turned on by the fact we’re gonna fuck right next to our sister. I begin nice slow strokes, Val gets her legs up around me and pulls me in with every thrust. I look at Val. What about her. Val, what about her? Snicker. My turn it seems. I cum after about 3 mins hard. And I go soft fast. Val looks at me. Really? I said hey! Sorry. Happens. Barb says, premature ejaculation. Common. We look. You’re supported to be passed out. Val goes yeah. Go to sleep. Barb tries to climb on me. I said no. Barb goes relax. I’m gonna help Val out. Val yells no way!! Barb goes, remember when you got fingered in volleyball. Yeah. Yeah well one of those fingers was mine. Val goes what!!!??? Yup. Only Barb was poised to go down on Val. I started kissing Val and tweaking her nipples then I started sucking her nipples hard. Till milk came out. When Val lactates it makes her dopey. Some hormone thing. So brother is sucking milk out of his girlfriend sister while other sister is eating her out and…yup, Val is cumming now. Barb rolls over and at this point there are no rules. I look at Val, motion to Barb and go, okay? Val nods. I look at Barb, you want this? as I get on. She says, 100%. I get on Barb. Barb looks at me and Val and says. This is gonna be incredible. I slide into Barb and she lets out a fuck ya. Barb reaches out to pull Val onto her tits. She asks Val to suck her tits. I’m pumping Barb nice and slow and Val is sucking on her tits. Yup. Barb lactates when sexually turned on. Val says. Good milk Barb. Barb puts her legs up around me. I think to myself this is an instinct thing. It takes nothing to get Barb off, actually she has multiple orgasms back to back. She’s a mini squirter. How cool. A genuine pool of salty sticky squirt juice. The real thing. I decide to sample both sister pussy juice. Val still won. It was the sweat.

NSFW: yes

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