My older step brother walking in on me and my friend

All in the story and on OF are 18+

Recently I met up with an old friend [f] and we had a girls night in , towards the end of the night we started watching 50 shades , things started to get a little heated between both of us as we laid like girls do cuddled close on the sofa , I could feel her hand stroking down towards my pussy , I was only wearing a night dress and no underwear so access was easy , she ended up sliding her finger inside of me , I laid back moaning and she searched for my g spot making my pussy creamy and leaking everywhere, I returned the favour by flipping around and getting my tongue deep inside her while she pulled on my blonde curly hair

Little did we know was that my step brother had let himself into my apartment, this isn’t uncommon as me and my step have been fucking a few months now and making content on OF, so it’s quite a regular occurrence but up untill this point he was unaware that I was into girls , and to be honest untill now I had not been with a girl but had fantasies about it

We heard a rustle from behind the sofa near the door and there he was , not really sure what to do with himself , I curled my finger and if to ask him to come and join us and he obliged, I was already on all fours eating my friends pussy and he came up behind eating me out while I bent over , it felt amazing so I asked him to fuck me there and then , I took him from behind while eating her pussy , it was amazing ! I rolled over and got her to squat over my face while he fucked me on my back and they made out above , this made me go into an uncomfortable orgasm!

He was pretty much ready to cum at this point so we both got on our knees and took his load over our faces between us !

NSFW: yes

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