My older sis, Jan, visits. #2.

It is rare, and very unusual, maybe very lewd also, to be having sex so uninhibited, and openly, like went on at my house from time to time. Here I was, fucking a 18 year old kid and two of my sisters right there yo witness it.

Jan already knew about the sexual fun that goes on here. The moral, catholic side of her may disapprove of such activity, but, like everyone else, she ends up missing and yearning for, human touch and business.

Bobby was grinding his hard cock in me when we stopped fucking to say hello to Jan. We had already been fucking for a while, Bobby and I, and it appeared that he wasn’t having that urge to cum yet.

I turned my head to get a glimpse of Bobby and said, “I’m good, Bobby, if you’d like to stop now. Maybe say hello to my sister Jan for awhile.”

Bobby slapped my ass cheek and says, “I don’t really want to stop, Dotty, but I wouldn’t mind at all to be with Jan for awhile.”

Bobby pulled his hard cock from my pussy, climbed off of the bed, and stood before my sisters, Kat and Jan.
Smiling with his hard, young, throbbing cock before him.

Jan glanced at the naked young man, a slight grin on her pretty face, then shyly, embarrassed, looked away. Kat then says,

“Bobby? Take Jan into the other room and give her a good time.”

Bobby, smiling, and rock hard to go, touched Jan’s elbow to lead her away. Jan pulled her elbow away quickly, a wildly scowling look on her reddened face and says,

“Just a minute, young man! Don’t you know that I’m a married woman? A mother, and grandmother!”

Kat giggles at Jan’s historic, modest and proper attitude. “Go ahead, Jan! Stop being an old fuddy duddy.”

Jan still had that stern attitude look about her when Bobby took her arm again. Jan pulled away from him again, but walked along with Bobby out of my bedroom, giving him glances like a scolding mother. It was funny to see.

NSFW: yes

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