My Older Lover Take Me For a Run and I Take Him For a Ride

I logged off work early on Wednesday, I had my appointment with the salon to get my waxing and my nails done but I needed to get a shower and shave my legs beforehand so I was ready for the treatments. It is a strange feeling, it isn’t something I looked forward to, putting myself through the pain of waxing, but afterwards my pussy feels so soft and smooth. The pain was definitely worth it.

I had a quick shower, I’d been maintaining my hair growth anyway, so it didn’t take long to shave my legs and slipped on some comfy loungewear before jumping in my car to head to my appointment. As I got in my car, I checked my phone, there was a message from George:

Weather is looking good for tomorrow, lets skip the gym in the morning, there’s a nice trail not too far away that we can go and run in the afternoon, what you think? X

Sounded like a good plan to me. So I messaged him back before I drove to the salon:

Hey George, sure, sounds good, what time? X

I checked my phone again when I got to the salon, George had replied:

2pm, I’ll pick you up, see you then. X

I sent a quick reply:

Great, see you then, oh and I’m just out getting you a nice surprise. X

A few hours later I was done and tucked up in bed, my body hairless again and my finger and toe nails painted royal blue, Jen had said she loved them when I showed them off to her. She had cheekily asked who I was getting beautified for but I shrugged it off and told her I was making sure the world knew I was gorgeous. If only she knew I was wanting to distribute all of myself with George again. Thoughts of George made it hard to get to sleep but eventually I nodded off.

I woke up next day and cleared my afternoon schedule before emailing my line manager to tell them I would be flexing my hours this afternoon as I had an appointment. George had been right the day was gorgeous, still cold out but not a cloud in the sky, a perfect winters day.

It got to 1pm and I decided to log out and get ready, I know I was going for a run but I still wanted to look gorgeous. So I applied some light make up, stripped out of my pyjamas and picked out a blue cotton thong, some black yoga pants, a blue sports bra and a long sleeved white t-shirt. I finished it off with a cream wooly headband to keep my hair back as I ran and my ears warm.

George was on the dot at 2pm and turned up in his big VW van. Wow, the air was colder than I wondered and really hit me as I stepped out the house, my breath was visible as I exhaled. I rushed over to the passenger side of Georges van and jumped in, glad he had the heater on full blast.

“Hey, hope you’re ready for a good workout!” George said as I hopped in.

“You better believe I am, I need to get warmed up” I said with a laugh rubbing my arms with my hands before placing my hands on my thighs.

He reversed the van and swung it around to drive back out of the driveway, as he got to the exit, he leant over and gave me a kiss on my lips, I was surprised but his lips felt amazing, instantly igniting the fire inside me. He then leant back and looked out at the road.

“George, be careful, dad and Jen might see” I exclaimed although I couldn’t hide the big smile on my face.

He glanced over to me and staring at my chest said, “It doesn’t look like you minded” and laughed. I looked down and my nipples were rock hard and pointing through my bra and t-shirt.

“It’s freezing cold you old perv” I shot back, giggling. In actuality my nipples were just as hard from the cold as from the kiss and thoughts of George. The touch of his lips reminded me of what they could do to me.

“All ok?” I heard George say a few moments later.

“Uh, yes?” I said puzzled.

“Did you hear anything I said?”

“Ummm, no, what did you say?” I had been in daze thinking of my last 2 encounters with George, how his tongue, fingers and cock had brought me to multiple explosive orgasms.

For the rest of the journey, I focussed hard on making small chat with George. Learning more about him and how he had converted this van to a camper so that he could take it out and watch the stars on clear nights and go on ventures when he fancied and just enjoy the peacefulness of nature. What a wonderful idea I wondered, I really love the natural world and the night sky too, I thought else the van could be used for too.

We finally got to the spot and George parked up, not a single other vehicle was in the car park. George was right this looked like a great spot for a walk or a run. George started walking off down the trail pathway and I followed him. Turning back to look at me, he said “Right, you ready?”

“Yep” I replied.

“Good, looks like we need to get you warmed up still” he laughed looking down at my chest and still erect nipples.

I laughed back and slapped him on the ass.

“These might trip you up if you keep watching them!” I stated as we started our run.

We ran at a comfortable pace so we could still have a conversation, the trail winded through the trees and alongside a flowing river for parts and then there was a gradual incline which got steeper. As the incline got too great, the conversation stopped and our breathing increased. I slowed down a bit until eventually I was at a fast walk.

“Come on, we’re nearly at the top” George shouted.

So I picked back up and caught up with him again, then the incline plateaued and we reached the top of the peak, where George stopped, “Half way, quick breather now, then we can turn back.” It was a gorgeous view from here, we could look down and over the forest and the winding river and then out towards the nearby villages either side of the forest.

I walked over to a nearby tree and started to stretch out my calf muscles so they didn’t tighten up. I felt George walk over beside me and then his hands were around my waist and his fingers stretching across my abs, teasing at the waist band of my yoga pants.

I turned to face him looking up in to his eyes “Oi, cheeky, what workout are you wanting?” images of his cock sliding into me running through my head as I hoped he would answer as I wanted him to.

He didn’t answer with words though, instead one hand went to my chin and tilted my head up so my lips could meet his and feel their warmth, our tongues entwined , as his other hand slid down my back and under my yoga pants to stroke my butt cheeks. My nipples pressed hard into his torso as he pressed his body close into mine, forcing me back against the tree.

I could feel his hard bulge against my stomach, I gently pushed him back and took a quick look around us before I pushed my yoga pants down to my knees.

“Are you ready for your surprise?” I asked.

George had a smile on his face and nodded in response as he eyed up my body.

I grabbed his hand and with my other hand I grabbed the waistband of my panties. I wiggled my hips as I pulled down before placing his palm to where my panties had covered.

“What do you think?” I asked.

“Beautiful” he said as he rubbed his hand over the smooth juncture between my legs and his fingers expertly focussed in on my moistening lips and clit.

“Oh, fuck” slipped out of me as a bolt of joy ran through my body.

Then the close sound of a dog barking snapped us back to reality and our surroundings, shit, George stepped back and I quickly pulled my pants and panties back in to place. A dog walker was coming from the opposite direction from what we had come from, luckily the dog was way ahead and we hadn’t been seen, the dog bounded back off down the path it had come from.

“Ok, best head back then” George said.

“Watch you don’t trip over this” he laughed, catching me staring at his cock making a tent in his loose shorts.

The run back was much easier as it was downhill but George appeared to be struggling, I turned back to him and said “Are you ok, shall we slow down?”

“No, it’s ok, you carry on and I’ll try to keep up” he panted out.

So we finished the final half of the way back with me about 5 meters or so in front and George following until the end and I finished with a sprint. I was waiting for George at his van as he came out of the trail. He opened the sliding side door of the van and we took a seat on the raised mattress he had in the back whilst regaining our breath and rehydrating.

“Did you injure yourself on the way back” I asked.

“No, it’s not too easy running with a hardon and watching your ass only made it worse, but it was worth it” he chuckled and slapped me on the thigh and firmly rubbed from the outer to the inner.

I had a mouth of water at the time and I couldn’t help but let out a laugh before I could swallow, the water spraying out and some going over my white t-shirt.

“Shit, George, look what you’ve done” my t-shirt soaked and turning transparent so my sports bra was visible, nipples still trying to escape.

I grabbed my t-shirt from the bottom and stripped it off, turned to George and pushed him backwards so he was leaning fully back.

“Swing your legs around big boy” I ordered as I grabbed the inside of the door and slid it closed as I crawled into the back with George, legs straddling either side of his waist.

“Might as well lose this too I guess as you’ve been watching them since you picked me up!” I said as I pulled off my sports bra and exposed my breasts and puffy erect nipples to Georges gaze.

“I love your nipples and boobs, perfect” George said smiling up at me.

“Lets finish what we started earlier” I said as I took charge of George for once.

I slid back a little and grabbed his loose shorts and sliding the leg up so I could reach the fly buttons on his boxer shorts to undo them and let his cock spring free. My hand reached further in to the opening and grabbed each of his testicles and pulled them out of the fly opening too whilst my other hand started stroking his cock.

I leant down and kissed his testicles gently sucking at each of them. My hands wrapped around his cock twisting and pumping up and down. Then I lifted my head up and my hands dropped down to his testicles to massage them whilst I took the crown of his cock between my lips.

“That’s it” George moaned.

I used my tongue to lick at the under side and my head bobbed up and down, half way down his length then back up to just the tip, his girth stretching my lips and my mouth as saliva oozed at of my mouth and down his cock.

Fuck yeah” came from George.

I leant back and grabbed his shorts and boxers and pulled them off his legs before slinging them to the back of the van. I now had full access to him, George just leant back and enjoyed what was happening. I returned and worked further down his cock than before, taking more and more in to my mouth, eventually I opened my throat and took him all the way in, my nose buried into his pubic hair. George let out a groan as I did this.

“Yes, you really know how to give an amazing blow job” He moaned.

“Take it all” he commanded as he held his hand in my hair applying light pressure to my head not wanting to lose the feeling my throat was giving him. I wrenched my head back up and off of his cock, saliva dripping everywhere including down onto my heaving chest.

“This is my show George, you let me pleasure you now.” I told him.

Then I went back down and bobbed my mouth on his cock, eliciting more moans from George, before burying my face back in to him and his cock in my throat. At this point I could feel his cock expanding, I didn’t want him to cum yet so I slid his cock out of my mouth with an audible pop and grabbed the base of it sharply with one hand whilst the other wiped my mouth.

“Don’t cum yet George, I’m not finished with you” I ordered as I gave his cock a sharp yank.

For once he was speechless and just looked back at me with a silly smile and nodded.

I turned my back to him and pulled my yoga pants down and off taking my thong and trainers with them. “Now, lets give you a proper view of this ass at work” I said, now naked other than my headband.

I sat up on to my feet and scooted back a little until I was squatting over Georges crotch, my feet either side of his legs. I leaned back and grabbed his cock firmly. I was already ready to take him in, my excitement had been rising and my lips were well lubed with my juices but I wanted to tease myself and George for a bit.

So as I held his cock, I pushed myself back a little further so I was sat nearly on his stomach and then rose up so my pussy lips were in contact with his cock and I swung myself forward and back, gliding my pussy lips along his cock as I held it, using the friction to stimulate my clit. I did this for a while, but as my excitement grew further I moved myself forward so that I was hovering over the head of his cock, balanced by my strong thighs and my free hand resting just above his knee.

In this position as I leant forward, I knew George had a great view of my big round ass, my naked ass hole and my open pussy lips as they glided along his cock which was pointing to the back of the van. He tried a few times to raise his hips and change the angle of his cock so he could plunge into me but I was in charge and each time he did this I would raise myself back up off my heels and give his cock another sharp twist.

I maintained my grip on his cock and slowly rose up, I moved my hand up his shaft slightly so I was holding it closer to the head of his cock which was now pointing to the roof of the van. I continued rubbing against his shaft, but this different angle allowed his cockhead to slide between my lips.

I felt another electric shock course through my body as I felt the head of his cock glide over my aroused clit. I continued to tease both of us by rubbing his cockhead over my clit. He again tried to move to try and get his cock into me, but I held firmly to his cock, only allowing his cockhead to spread my lips and pleasure my clit.

“Stop George, I’ve told you, this is my show!” I moaned.

We were both breathing heavily from our state of arousal. George moaned that he’d had enough as he begged me to let him “put it in.” I never responded, and continued to pleasure each of us but I was becoming exhausted from the pleasure and excitement.

George sensed this and lifted his hips again, and this time I couldn’t withstand or react, and I felt the head of his cock pushing into me. I tried to wiggle away but it was too late, he pushed forward and I felt the head of his cock slip further into my opening. As he penetrated me, George let out a loud moan of pleasure.

His cock was hard and hot and now I couldn’t withstand wanting it in me. I relaxed and felt myself slowly being filled by his cock as I sat down on to it, inch by inch, his cock filled me completely. It was thick, and felt amazing stretching my moist, tingling pussy. I wanted to just sit there on top of him and enjoy the feeling of his cock deep inside me, but George grabbed my hips and pulled me up and then fully down until my lips were pressing against his balls. I slapped his hands off my hips and then contracted my muscles around Georges thick shaft. Each time I contracted tightly on his shaft he made a grunting noise of pleasure.

Then I decided, George needed to know this was my show. I reached forward and raised my hips and ass up until I could feel only the tip of his cock inside me and then slammed myself back down until he was fully inside again, George tried to grab my hips but this was my show so I slapped them away again. I repeated this motion, building the friction inside me and rising my level towards orgasm. The sound of my ass clapping against his stomach and the wetness of my pussy sliding up and down his cock was echoing inside the van. George was letting out occasional moans and I joined him as I clenched my eyes tightly to try and concentrate on my impending orgasm.

“You like watching my ass as I ride you George?”

“Oh fuck yes, its amazing” he moaned.

He swung a hand and slapped my right cheek.

“Yes George, slap your naughty girl”

Then my left cheek was slapped. The feeling of pain in my cheeks only heightened my arousal.

“Your cock feels amazing inside me George” I reached down with my right hand to massage his testicles.

“I think I’m getting close again, oh fuck” I said

“I love your little ass hole” George groaned as he slipped one of his thick finger tips into it.

“Oh fuck, yes George” the added pressure sending me to the edge.

I brought a hand up to my breasts to tweak my nipple and that was enough, my orgasm hit me.

“Fuck yes, don’t stooooopp George”

Juices rushing out of me and then I slumped down on George my pussy convulsing around him as he continued to pump up into me, my legs shaking from the sensation and the work they had been doing. I could feel George begin to tense.

“Not yet George” I said as I quickly came back to my senses and grabbed the base of his cock before raising myself off of him and twisting around so I had my face at his cock again.

“I want this in my mouth this time” and I popped his cock back in my mouth before once again sliding right into my throat and massaging his balls with my hand.

“Yes, that’s it” George exclaimed as he released rope after rope of cum in to my throat and mouth. I pulled my head back up smiling at him, but he hadn’t finished, cum shot out and landed across my cheek and my lips and then across my neck and chest. I continued pumping his cock until every drop had come out and I licked it up furiously and swallowed it down.

George pushed himself up and leant forward to kiss me, surely tasting his own sperm across my lips and tongue. He pulled me down next to him and we cuddled before we looked into each others eyes and both said “Wow” at the same time and we chuckled before lying back exhausted.

I turned to George again and said “You really know how to give me that special feeling George, I’ve had some great sex before, but never has my body reacted consistently and with such excitement as it does when I feel and think of you.”

NSFW: yes

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