My new favourite co-worker

A few years ago there was this girl who I worked with who was on the bigger side but it turned me on seeing her at work. We were both swimming teachers so I got to see her in her swimmers most of the time and her boobs looked perfect in the one piece she would wear.

We eventually got to know each other over time and we would talk between the classes. These conversations would eventuate into some pretty hot conversations, which made it hard for me to get out of the pool.

Then one night I went out with a few mates and saw her out with her mates, she looked so hot all dressed up with her low cut top on and short skirt with her heels on.
We said hi to each other and I invited her if she wanted to get a drink with me and my mates and from there we kinda stuck together most of the night she was drinking and I driving that night, so didn’t drink to much.
Before we knew it we were hooking up on the dance floor and it was pretty dark so I let my hands wonder abit.
I had my hands all over her ass and then turned around and started grinding her ass on my dick which instantly got hard. She pushed up against me harder and I could tell she could feel my hard cock on her ass. Then I slid my hands down her body and up her skirt, my cock throbbed even harder when my fingers felt her smooth shaved pussy, no panties, I started rubbing her clit, as she reached around grabbed my neck and moaned in my ear whilst sucking her neck

At this point I had been so invested in her that I had lost my mates and her friends had already left, so I offered to drive her home.
On the way to her home she directed me down a street with no lights and asked me to pull over.
As soon as I turned the car off she leaned over to me and put her tongue in my mouth and we started kissing while she was undoing my pants. I slid my hands back up her skirt and slid my fingers inside her wet pussy as she let a moan. Once she got my pants undone she kissed down my body and put her lips over the tip and swallowed up more and more with each thrust of her head. Then her hand started to follow her mouth and she was going between my balls and the shaft, probably the best blowjob I’d had in a long time

I said to her let’s get in the back seat, she went back there first and leaned up against the door and spread her legs, I climbed back there and went down on her licking up all her juices, putting the tip of my tongue on her clit gently moving my tongue up and down as I slid two fingers inside her, eating her out till she came. I sat up and she got on top of me, my 7 inch dick just sliding straight into her tight wet pussy and as she moaned louder and louder the more she rode. Her pace started to get quicker as she said in Im gonna cummmm, her whole body quivered as she came all over my dick I told her not to stop as I was close.

She whispers in my ear cum inside me and as soon as she said that, I shot rope after rope of cum inside her while I sucked on her tits. Never realised car sex could be soo good.

NSFW: yes

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