My new coworker has a history (and maybe future) with my wife

My wife (30) and I (35) have been together for 4 years, and I have been married a little over a year now. I have worked for the same business the whole time we have known each other and I love the people I work with. We are a small business and everyone has become pretty close friends and go out together on a regular basis.

A few weeks ago, we hired a new sales guy named Patrick (35). Patrick seems like a pretty cool guy, he’s super friendly and easy to get along with. He is a former school basketball player and one of the tallest humans I have ever met, probably about 6’10”. Last Friday we all decided to go out for drinks after work and this would be the first time Patrick came out with us and any of us would hang out with him after work. We went to happy hour and were all having a good time and decided we would stay out longer. Eventually, my wife came out to meet us as she usually does.

When she got there everyone said hello and she was surprised when she saw Patrick hanging out with us. “Omg hey, what are you doing here?” She asked. Patrick replied that these are his new coworkers and he is just hanging out. I interjected “oh, you two lnow each other?” They both looked at each other and kinda grinned at each other, knowing the awkward situation they were in. My wife blushed and just simply said “yea!” But didn’t offer any further explanation. One of my other co-workers butted in “Oh wow, small world! How do yall know each other?” My wife and Patrick looked at each other again awkwardly and then Patrick spoke up “we actually went on a few blind dates, but it was no big deal.” I tried to play it cool and change the subject, but I was so shocked by the news and couldn’t get it out of my head the whole rest of the night. My coworkers all just kinda laughed it off, but I was super embarrassed that now my whole office knew that my wife had been on dates with the new guy. It never came up again that night, but I couldn’t stop thinking about whether or not they had hooked up.

When we got home that night, I had to understand the details from my wife, so I asked her about the dates and whether or not they had hooked up. At first she lied to me and said that they had only kissed once after the 2nd date and never saw each other again. I could tell though that she wasn’t telling the truth, so I continued to pry and told her to be honest with me. Come to understand, they had matched on tinder and met up for some drinks. That night, they went back to her place and fucked. She went on to tell me that they hungout several other times and probably had sex about 5-6 times. Apparently this was all right before she met me and he was the last guy she has had sex with before meeting me.

I have been pretty upset after hearing this news and especially today seeing Patrick again at the office and knowing that this giant goofy dude has had my wife and judging by his height probably has a way bigger cock than me. Even though I was annoyed with this whole situation… I also found myself kinda turned on by imaging my wife taking his big dick. It was pretty awkward every time I saw Patrick at the office today. I just feel inferior knowing now that he has had my wife and has those memories of fucking her anytime he wants to remember. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before he tells other guys in the office about his experiences with her as well.

When I got home tonight, I talked to my wife about it again and asked if he was any good. She confirmed that the dude is fucking hung and that the sex was very good. For some reason, this turned me on so much that we fucked immediately after the conversation and i was imagining her getting fucked by him.

After my wife fell asleep, her phone buzzed and I saw the message was from “Patrick tinder”. I couldn’t help myself so I read the messages. Apparently my wife had messaged him the night that we were all out and told him to not tell me any details of their sexual history. She then messaged him the next morning after confessing to me and let him know that I knew everything. Their conversation then went on talking about how much fun they had together and my wife texted him and told him that I asked about the size of his penis. She went on to tell him that she misses it. His final text to her (which she hasn’t read yet) said that he also misses her sexy ass and big tits and that she can get It anytime she wants and that she should hit him up on snapchat.

I don’t know what to do at this point. I think I’m not going to say anything and just try to keep monitoring their conversation and see if they begin sending each other snaps. On one hand, I am pissed that my wife is having flirty texts with this dude. On the other hand, I’m kinda turned on thinking about her with him. I just don’t think I could really let her go through with it.

NSFW: yes

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