My new boyfriend’s dad gave me a massage while his son was at the gym


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Long story short, the main thing is that I’m really attracted to my boyfriend’s dad (my boyfriend and I have been together for almost a month). His dad is 39 years old and divorced.

Currently, I’m staying with my boyfriend at his dad‘s holiday home. The funny thing is that my boyfriend mentioned that he had never spent more than three consecutive days with his dad before, but since we arrived here, his father has been around us every day. He likes to stay shirtless all day, calls me “sweetie,” and maintains prolonged eye contact with me. The thing is, he’s an attractive man in great shape and he’s also really really funny, while his kid is a spoiled little boy who brags all day with daddy’s money.

One day, when my boyfriend went to the gym, I was alone with his dad. I pretended to have a backache, knowing that he would offer me a massage, and he did, haha. He started massaging me gently, and after a while, he asked if I wanted to try the massage cream he at all times uses when he’s sore. I agreed, and he told me to take off my shirt. I did it without hesitation. And the best part was that I wasn’t wearing a bra, haha. He continued massaging my back, going all the way down to near my buttocks. At one point, I mentioned that my legs were also sore, and he began massaging my legs and buttocks, but not before I took off my pants as well. I was naked at that point, only wearing my bikini.

I was so wet. I literally had two orgasms from just the massage, haha. Then, I asked him to massage the front of my legs, and I faced him with my uncovered boobs. He couldn’t withstand and started massaging my boobs gently. My nipples were so hard, it was so hot. Then, he slowly began massaging my pus*y. At that point I couldn’t hold myself and I moaned. I wanted him so badly in that moment, words cannot describe it. I loved every moment. But, as we know, all good things must come to an end, and the doorbell rang. It was my boyfriend. I quickly put my clothes back on, and we both acted as if nothing had happened (except for the fact that I needed to change my wet bikinis, haha).

I will be staying here for two more weeks, so there is plenty of time for more adventures. I’ll keep you updated. Kisses

NSFW: yes


  1. BBButtercup3

    Pretty good except for the akward and abundantly placed ‘ha ha made the story weird and interrupted the flow with it being everywhere.

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