My neighbor and me

**Hello everyone**, this is my first time writing here. I consider this my first step to expressing and letting myself free to write without limitations about my recent story, thanks to finally loving myself and feeling independent.

So I’m a male, 20 years old. My neighbor is 32. She’s a very gorgeous and married woman with an awesome, big pair. My appartment is right across the street from hers.

Three days ago I was in my appartment, chilling. I also live alone so I wondered it was a great opportunity for a little “myself” time. Took my clothes off and made myself comfortable so I could begin my sexual experience.

A good friend of mine (F22) was online that time too and also in mood, so we started sexting and exchanging pics. During that, I was in my bathroom stroking and playing while we were having fun. But then I decided I wanted to go to my room in order to continue our little “fun time”.

While I was in my appartment I had my living room’s window open, so I had to rush to my bedroom in order to not be seen. As I got out of my bathroom and was ready to go, my neighbor decided to go to her balcony which directly views to my living room’s window. She was wearing a white robe that emphasized her big melons. Thanks to my fright I stood still while being naked and hard. Seeing her like that made me so much horny that it was twitching by itself. She saw me too and, instead of going back inside her appartment, she kept looking at me.

I really got embarassed, so I ran inside my room. After a couple of minutes I looked down and still was hard. But like, really hard. I imagined her giving me a titjob with these big melons while she was sucking my swollen tip and that drove me crazy. So I started stroking for her, feeling every spot of it and came twice on my sheets.

After that incident I noticed she went outside her balcony twice. Once the day before yesterday wearing just a big towel and once yesterday wearing only her lingerie. Maybe she enjoyed the show, who knows? :p


>!If you made it down there, thank you :D!<

NSFW: yes

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