My Milfy Georgia Peach

This is the continuation of the braless waitress milf waitress Cindy.

Cindy and I became a couple a few weeks ago. I realized I was stubborn and perhaps she misread me. All good now. Actually, great.

Cindy still waited tables at the local watering hole and none of my gang knew we were in a relationship. Well, no one said anything if they did.
I’d go and hangout there same as usual. Cindy would come by and update me on tips. She went back to braless and the tennis skirt. Super cute look. She ended up doing the girl next door look too. No makeup, hair in ponytail and big glasses. Everyone told her that was a great look.
I’m pretty sure the no panties flashing was exclusively for me, I hope. She also played up her Georgian accent a bit more too.
We didn’t keep our relationship secret for any reason except it was no one’s company. The owner of the bar might not have been excited about it though.
I was headed early for beers. Cindy was just pulling into the parking lot. She’s a small town girl deep down but a class act as well. When she saw me in the parking lot I honked and motioned for her to park beside me in a slightly further away part of the lot. We parked on the other side of a semitrailer. I hopped into her car and gave her a kiss. I quickly pulled up her shirt and kissed her nipples while she kept watch. She looked at me and said I have 10 mins before they think I’m late or a no show. I said, I better get going. I looked at her, no panties, right? She smiles nothing but bush! I pushed up her skirt and got to work. I got the impression sex in a car wasn’t new to her. It was a little difficult to get a good angle at her pussy but a combo of her shifting to face me helped. She announces. 8 minutes. I have one finger in her pussy and one in her bum and despite knowing I had 8 minutes I didn’t panic. I kept at it and her bum hole was telling me she was close. Finally shes cumming on my tongue. The lady cream would have messed her dress but I licked it all up. Cindy has an awesome tasting pussy. I’d never do that for anyone else. She looks at me. Nice work sailor! 2 mins to spare and no! You can’t have a blow job. I’m going right now. You wait 10 mins then come. I give her once over to make sure there’s no signs of sex. Good to go.
I wander in a few minutes later. Sit down and she brings my beer. She leans over and says, that put a smile on my face!! Hehe.
She was bopping around like kid. And that meant her tits were bouncing. Spectacular. I smile to myself. Life is good.
By now I’m spending all my time at her place. I have all the stuff, entry card which is actually a thing on my phone to open the gate and security code for the house. I took off early that night and ended up watching tv and falling asleep before she got home. She woke me up and got me into bed. She looks at me. Morning sex it is. You look tired. Next thing I remember is this doll sucking my cock to wake me up. I grab my phone and put on my most convincing sick voice. I won’t be in today. No issue. I hang up and lay back with my milf sucking my cock. Licking it up and down. She says man your precum is sticky sweet, I love it. It was only another couple minutes and she was swallowing my cum as fast as she could. When I’m done she looks at me and says, I’m full. Lol.
A few minutes pass and I’m hard Cindy is just playing with it like a toy. She’s looking at me puzzled. She goes it’s like looking at a restaurant menu. Not sure what want. I like doggie style. But I like riding you but then I like missionary with you. Hmmm. Fuck me sweetie. And she lays on her back with her legs spread.
Her pussy is so cute. It looks like a smile. She spread the lips for me and exposes a moist pussy. I climb on top and slide it in. She’s wired for sex. She pulls her knees back super far. I asked her if she could hear me cause her knees were in her ears. Lol. Her bum is so fleshy at that angle so my thrusts bottom out soft. No lie, she came in two minutes in that position. She says she’ll remember this position for when we’re rushed. I feel an orgasm coming any second. I look at her. I say want a porn star?. She goes what’s that? I pull out and cum on her face. She laughs. Oh. That!! She says another first! She says that was cute but once is enough. She says cum as much as you want on my belly and tits. It’s like skin cream. I said tits it is.
Here we are with the whole day ahead of us. I say, enough sex for now? She goes, yup, I’m good for a couple hours, I think. I’ll keep y’all posted hun. (In a Georgia peach accent)
We decided to go swimming. There’s a beach no too far. We’ve never gone swimming. I do have a swim suit in one of my bags though. My little Georgia peach comes out and asks if I like her newest swim suit. It’s sooooo nice. It’s a shiny yellow string bikini. She has to move the triangles around to cover as much Boob as efficient. The bottom barely covers the push. Actually some hair is visible at the top. I pull off her bottom and get a razor and trim about an inch off the top. She looks. Shave it all off. It’s time. I shaved my little Milfy. She looks in the mirror. I love it!!!
We get the swimsuits on and go. Awesome. We’ve got the beach to ourselves. We’re hanging on a big blanket. I look at her and say let me know if you get horny. She goes, fuck me!! Lol. Kidding. But soon. She says, We could do a fucking in public thing. I’ve never done that. That might be a thrill. I nod. I’m in. I looked at her. I said, do you even realize how awesome you are? She starts crying. I go, no no. It’s a good thing. She said that’s the nicest thing anyone ever said to her. I calmed her down. I said it’s true. I don’t know how other guys are so stupid. You’re hands down a knockout. Clever, sexy, funny, nice car. Lol. We roll around I end up on my back and she’s on top. I can see her looking around. She pulls my trunks down, slides he bottom to the side and slams down on me. She starts riding me. 3 mins in and I’m sorta getting close she goes I think someone is coming down the hill. I said don’t you dare stop. I’m close. Unless it’s someone with little kids you keep going. I hear voices. No kids. She reaches back and undoes the string holding her top up so her tits bounce out. She looks at me. This is fun. I said lean over. I need to suck on those nipples. She leans over. I suck on her tits. The voices are fading. She said they watched for a bit then kept going. I came in another 2 mins. Cindy had got off a few minutes back. She falls off.
We hung out there then decided we had enough. Let’s go back to the house have a bite and chill out. Sounds good.
We get in her loud muscle car and go eat and nap.
Just another day with my peach.

NSFW: yes

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