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I grew up in your traditional Mexican home, my father worked his ass off and my mom stayed home. We were one of a few Hispanic families growing us in South Central Los Angeles, where the majority of the population was black. My father knew very little English and my mother ever less. This was back in the late late 80s…. my mother about 5’9” 190lbs thick woman with nice big C cups with big dark nipples.

By then I had already had seen her nude a handful of times and known that she loved to keep her pussy nicely trim and shaved lips. I was in my teens and would dump loads thinking of her and seeing her from my favorite hiding spot. But one summer day, knowing that my house would empty I ditch class and headed home to play video games. I was in my room playing Nintendo when I hear the front gate roll open and I run to the window to see my mom getting home. I turn everything off and hide in my closet. My mom eventually makes her way into the house and goes straight to her room. I’m hiding in the closet thinking of how to sneak out without being noticed.

Finally I try to make my move and as I’m about to open my bedroom door into the living room I hear a light knock in the door and I hold my spot. I could hear my mom talking with someone and it sounds like a man but I couldn’t hear it clear enough. Then I hear several steps leading towards me and my moms room door close. We distribute a common wall that shares the same closet that has sliding doors on both sides. My heart is racing cause I know for a fact that wasn’t my dad…. I make my way through the closet and to the sliding doors are completely closed. But I can hear some movement and murmuring. Finally I get the courage and gently slide one of the doors and I can see my mom fully naked and now my cock is rock hard… but I can’t see who she’s with and I’m excited and angry thinking about how my own mother would cheat on my father. I finally slide the door a bit more and to my surprised it’s young black guy from the neighborhood and he’s completely naked. I can’t believe it, my own mother that had only been with one man her whole life and is cheating on my father with punk black dude!

He was tall a built and had the biggest cock I had ever seen in person! The guys standing there looking down at my mother as she gets on her knees and she reaches out and grabs his bbc that is already bigger than mine and he’s still semi hard. My mom doesn’t hesitate to put it in her mouth and begin working her way down his shaft. She would suck on the head and pull it out and run her tongue down the shaft. It didn’t take long for his cock to be hard in all its glory. I had seen my parents have sex before but never seen her give him head. I was surprised and arouse to know she was true slut deep inside. By then my mom could barely handle the giant mushroom head but that didn’t stop the guy from grabbing her from her head and forcing it down her throat. I can see the panic in her eyes as she was trying not to gag on it… I can still hear the guy telling her “Mexican puta” and she would reply with a simple “si”. I can see her drowning and gagging on it but she kept working it. By then I had my own cock out and was stroking the crap out of it trying to not cum too soon. After a minute the guy couldn’t handle it anymore and with his right hand that had a full grip of her hair he pulled her up and pushed her over to the bed. My mom knew exactly what to do… she got on her knees bend all the way forward and stuck that big meaty ass into the air giving me the perfect view of her nicely trimmed pussy that was soaking wet!

This was the first time I would see her pussy completely open for my viewing and it was about to get destroyed by a BBC. The guy didn’t hesitate to get right behind her and she reached between her legs to guide him and ease him in. You can tell she knew what she was getting her self into, the guy slowly eased it in letting her juices lube up all of his magnificent glory of a cock. I can hear my mom softly moaning in pleasure. At first the guy stayed still and let my mom work that cock deep into her. Her soft moans got louder as she went deeper with it. The guy finally grabbed her by her waist slowly started to pick up pace with every stroke going deeper and deeper and my mom kept moaning louder and louder. With every stroke the guys bbc got deeper and deeper till I can hear his body smacking into hers… by then he really starts to pound her. She is moaning and begging for more “si, si, mas, mas”(yes, yes, more, more) the guy reply’s with “you like that bitch” and my mom reply with loud “yes!” He then grabs her from her hips and starts to really get deep in her and she starts moan loudly and starts to beg him to cum in her “dame tu leche”(give me your milk(cum)). The guy gives her one last hard thrust and dumps his load, his loud grunt and exhale send shivers down my spine. The guy pulls out and his semi hard cock is just covered of his cum and what I can only assume is my moms creamy pussy juice. The guy starts getting dressed and my mom is still there bent over in total bliss and I’m there looking at her pussy starting to drip all of his cum and my hand on my cock with my own load covering the inside of the door and everything else. The guy eventually makes his way out of the house after giving my moms a slap on the ass as a job well done. She finally gets up and heads to the bathroom to clean up, I take my opportunity and collect my self and sneak out my house. Only to return a few hours later to discover my mom in the kitchen cooking dinner for my dad cause he’s due to come home soon

NSFW: yes

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