My married neighbor and I

I was 18 at the time when this happened, my parents were going on a cruise, me being a slob didn’t know how to cook. Luckily my mom was good friends with our neighbor in the opposite apartment, her name was Hema, and so she agreed to check up on me while my parents were away and to cook for me occasionally.

So a little background information here, Hema would have been in her late 40s at the time, however, she was one of those women who took pride in her figure and as such she was pleasing to look at. She had shiny black hair which dropped down till her shoulders and she loved straightening her hair every morning which was otherwise curly. She was quite fair, had a slender frame, supple breasts and a small but well shaped booty.

My mom was good friends with her because they were walking partners, and they would usually go for an hour long walk starting from my place. I was the one who all the time answered the door when she came by. I think on one occasion Hema wore a translucent blouse and pretty tight leggings and that was the day that she realised that I wasn’t a small boy anymore. I don’t know who noticed it first but I realised I had a boner when I felt my cock getting tight in my shorts. I couldn’t stop staring at Hema’s brassiere through her blouse, it was a gorgeous black bra which had such thin straps you could literally tear it with your own hands. That bra really got me hard, I remember staring at the cups, they were rather small and ill fitting, I caught a glimpse of her areolae peeping from behind the cups.

I think I made her feel very uncomfortable that day because after that day she stopped wearing those flimsy blouses whenever she came over. I remember that I used to masturbate daily thinking about Hema and her gorgeous titties.

Alright, so back to the present. My parents were gone for a week and true to her word, Hema would come and check up on me in the afternoon, the annoying thing being that she would never come inside my apartment, she would ring the bell, wait for me to open the door, exchange a few pleasantries, drop my meals off and hightail it back to her own apartment.

On the last day of my parent’s cruise however things were different. I remember waiting for her late into the afternoon, but that doorbell never did ring. Later on at around 6 pm, I heard someone knocking on my door furiously. I was wondering who it was and lo and behold it was Hema. When I first saw her, I knew that something was up, she was wearing a black translucent top and a white skirt, her makeup was all smeared and her breath reeked of alcohol. Even with that smeared makeup she was absolutely amazing to look at, so much so that my friend in my pants was waking up, slowly but steadily.

I took her by the hand and made her sit down. She was really wasted. I brought her some water in a glass but she was not able to drink it, her hands were so shaky that she spilled a lot of the water on the floor and on her blouse. Once again I caught myself staring at her brassiere which had now become visible due to the water she had spilt on her blouse. I took the glass back from her and placed it on a table. I remember seeing her staring at the glass case where my dad kept his best wines. I went off to get her a towel and a clean blouse but when I came back I saw her chugging on a large bottle of wine. I tried to snatch the bottle but she had chugged down almost three fourths of the bottle, our small altercation lead to the remaining wine being spilt on her skirt and my shorts. With her skirt wet, I could see the outline of her panties and she could see the outline of my penis. She gave me a coy little smile and squeezed my cock once before opening another bottle of wine and chugging it down. I was pretty surprised at the whole thing and decided to play along, I opened another wine bottle and emptied he whole thing on her blouse and her skirt. My penis started to throb now, it was getting pretty painful to bear.

By the time she was done raiding the cupboard, I was hard as a mother motherfucker and she was so tipsy she couldn’t stand, it was a miracle that she was conscious. She was laying straight on the floor, licking her lips and making a weird smacking sound. I saw this as a chance to get lucky, I sat down beside her, and slowly slid my fingers under her skirt and then under her panty, it was wet and warm, but it wasn’t piss, it was her lady juices, I don’t know what came over me because I started rubbing her pussy like mad, the smacking sound stopped and it was replaced by loud moans. She tried pushing my hand away once, but gave up after a while. I could feel her getting even more wet. I stopped rubbing her twat and pulled my hand out. I put my fingers in my mouth and tasted her essence and damn did it taste good. I was about to pull her skirt off but then she started making a retching sound. So I scooped her up in my arms and carried her off to the bathroom.

This is where shit got even wilder, I gently placed her in the bathtub and then removed my own clothes. My cock popped out like a spring and it was glazed with precum. I got in the bathtub and turned on the shower. I hosed her down with warm water, there was really nothing left to the imagination, the water revealed her brassiere and panty, she was wearing a low waist hipster panty. I tore her blouse and skirt off and threw them to the bathroom floor. She flinched, slightly embarrassed by her new found nakedness and by how horny she was. She caught my penis with her hand and starting stroking it slowly and rhythmically. I almost came there however I pushed her hand away and turned off the shower.

There was a large bottle of coconut hair oil in the bathroom, I opened the damn thing and poured the entire thing on her, on her hair, on her face, on her brassiere and after lifting her slutty hipster panties up on her snatch. Then I began massaging her hair and her head, working my way down to her breasts, I tore her cheap dollar store bra off her chest and started playing with her nipples. She tried to protest weakly, but stopped after a while. She had gorgeous pink nipples with pale areolae, I massaged them gently with my finger tips a series of pleasurable moans followed. While playing with her nipples, she gently took my penis in her mouth, she was quite skilled herself, she rolled my foreskin around and licked the tip of my penis with a gentle rolling motion. I had to pull out again or I would have nutted in her mouth.

I then ripped her oil soaked hipster briefs off. She had a gorgeous landing strip on her snatch, I slid down and started licking her pussy at first, she moaned again, then I began tasting her essence, I took what I could get and rubbed her essence on my own nipples. Slowly I thrust my penis inside her, rhythmically, time seemed to slow down, I looked into her eyes as I thrust, kissing her, squeezing her nipples gently between my fingertips. She put her hands in my hair and caught it hard, the faster I started thrusting the harder she pulled. She whispered in my ear, please don’t cum in me. But it was too late for that, I felt the cum leave my penis just as I pulled out, some of it was inside her and the rest of it was all over her belly. She didn’t seem to mind and took the cum from her belly and put it in her mouth and swallowed. We both lay down in the tub for a while before taking a bath together.

After that, she cleaned herself up and made me swear that this would be our secret.

NSFW: yes

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