My (M32) wife’s cousin (F24) surprises me with her best friend (F25)


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So as I’ve stated before I have had an ongoing affair with my wife’s cousin. This has been a 2-3 times a week setup, she doesn’t want anything other the rough/dirty sex we have and I don’t want to leave my wife. This one night she send me a message asking if I was free on the weekend and I was luckily as the wife had a workshop with the office staff.

She sent me a message telling me to meet at this pub. Which isn’t unusual for us to catch up at a pub from time to time. But this time she had a special guest, her best friend we will name Mary. I’d all the time had a thing for Mary, she was this short busty lady that I couldn’t help but stare at her at all times. Was probably a bit creepy but then I guess not because she was keen to catch up. Mary was very big chested and good size hips, she was very short…only about 5foot tall. I am 6’1 so I did tower over her.

After a few drinks, we decided to head back to the cousins house which we had a few more drinks, told stories and laughed until late into the night. At this stage I was getting very horny by both the ladies, the cousin was wearing this tight shirt blue dress that hugged her body. Her perfect tits sitting perky with her nipples erect and obvious, while Mary wired these tight shorts that I could see her g-string thru and white crop top style shirt. It was at this stage Mary sat closer to me and started to rub my leg, while the cousin walked over and straddled me. We start to kiss as Mary bites and licks my neck and ear before I begin to kiss her, the cousin pull my pants down and starts to lick and suck on my cock which is rock hard ready for the attention. I pull Mary’s top down which releases her huge tits, I immediately begin sucking and licking her nipples…she moans I grabs the back of my neck pressing my face into her tits. They are so big, I go crazy licking and biting them. Meanwhile the cousin is deep throating me my moans are muffled from the nipples in my mouth. Mary pushes away and stands up, undressed herself and I get to look at her gorgeous shaved pussy. I grab the cousins hair and pull her off my cock to kiss her, she has so much saliva and precum from sucking my cock our faces are a mess. She then stands up and undresses, I am all the time in awe of her body..perfect figure, beautiful tits and the tastiest pussy. Mary drops to her knees and starts to suck my cock as I pull the cousin closer and begin kissing while I rub her pussy. She is so wet and one thing we love to do is for my to finger her then we suck on my fingers together. The cousins grabs Marys head and starts shoving it down on my cock making her deepthroat me and gag all over my cock. She coughs and spits all over my cock which gets me even harder. I stand up and pick Mary up, slowly guiding on my cock. I walk over and have her back and against the wall as I fuck her hard, bouncing her on my cock. The cousin starts off sucking Mary’s tits before kneeling underneath her licking her asshole. Mary is moaning so loud having me fuck her pussy while having her ass licked. She bites my shoulder as she cums all over my cock. I lift her off and the cousin cleans all the juices off my cock before she turns around leans against the wall and spreads her cheeks…I rub my cock along her ass hole and pussy before I slide into her pussy. I pull her pretty blonde hair back to me so I can kiss her as fuck her hard and fast. Mary is standing next to us, lick the cousins tits while fingering herself. The cousin moans my name and says “fuck me harder daddy, show Mary how dirty we can be”

This send me into over drive, I begin slapping her ass hard..making the spanking sound echo in the room. I then spit down on her ass and slide my finger into her ass hole. As her body begins to shake, I thrust in and hold my body against hers and she starts to orgasm. I keep my cock in her while I pull my finger out of her ass and she turns back to suck on before kissing Mary. We then all kiss together while my cock is sitting nicely on the cousins pussy. I keep tensing my cock and she softly moans each time. The cousin looks back to me and says let’s have fun with Mary now.

We walk into the cousins bedroom where both of them lay on the bed. I lean over and kiss them both before I lick and kiss my way down their bodies giving them both attentions before I meet their gorgeous wet and waiting pussy’s.

I begin to lick the cousins while I play with Mary’s clit, she begs for me to lick clit. I lift their legs over my head so their pussy are right next to each other and I swap between them both. After a few minutes my focus is on Mary’s cute little ass hole and I stick my tongue in her and she squirms and moves a little. The cousin tells her just lay there and relax, you’ll enjoy it. In no time she is screaming my name and moaning loud as I tongue fuck her while the cousin sucks on her tits. I lift my head up and tell her I’m gonna take her anal virginity tonight. Before she has a chance to respond I am forcing my way into her ass. She pushes back on my stomach and screams that it hurts, the cousin kisses and comforts her reassuring that it’ll feel better soon. After a minute or so I am in her ass and slowly thrusting, she begins to move with me and starts to moan but in a sexy way now.

I lift her legs above my shoulders giving me more control, “fuck my ass daddy, I love it” Mary says as I pick up my pace. I begin to fuck her harder and harder until she is nearly ready to cum. The cousin starts to lick her pussy while I fuck her ass until she orgasms furiously. Her ass tightens up it hurts my but I take that as challenge to fuck her for a bit longer. Within another few pumps she orgasms again. The cousin pushes me away to suck my dick. Mary lay on the bed exhausted and a bit sore. Me and the cousin begin to passionately kiss now as she stroke my cock and I rub her ass hole. She climbs on top of Mary in the doggy position.

I lean over her kiss her back down to her ass before I begin to eat her ass hole out like a maniac, she bucks and shakes as she orgasms. Now I know she is ready, I shove my cock straight into her ready ass and fuck her hard and fast. She is kissing Mary and they suck on each others tits which makes me hornier. After a few minutes I’m not going to last long and ask Mary to kneel next to me. I pull my cock out and begin to fuck her mouth before unleashing my load all over her face and tits. The cousin crawls to the end of the bed and lick and kisses her face all over.

We then go for a shower together as we kiss and rub each others bodies all over. I end up eating Marys ass causing her to orgasm again in the shower. We fuck each other a few more times for the night and again in the morning. Mary has now become part of our little secret. Sometimes the cousin just likes to watch Mary and me. The cousin is still my focus whenever she’s with us though.

NSFW: yes

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