My [M27] previous place of work. Cuck sex with hotwife [F29] colleague – round 2

Read the previous posts for detailed background info.

This time we met at hers again, but I’d been told that her husband was gonna let me in and I should follow his lead, which ultimately meant go to the bedroom.

On my way there I get a text from an unknown number, it’s her husband, it’s a photo of her on all 4s on the bed in some sexy lingerie and it just says “she’s ready and waiting for you”

I get there and he buzzes me in. Opens the door to me and we sort of chuckle and say hi. He lets me in and says “I believe you know where the bedroom
Is, she’s waiting for you”

I head in and when I open the door she’s waiting in the position, ass up, face down wrapped in sexy lingerie.
I say hi, and she says hey, what took you so long, while wiggling her perfect ass.

I get my phone out and snap a pic. I walk over and kneel down, begin worshipping her, kissing her ass cheeks, thighs, pussy through her panties. I peel them to the side and begin lapping at that gorgeous ass hole again, sliding down to her pussy. She’s moaning Loud, definitely playing up
To it so he can hear.

I get her off on my tongue and she says “I want you to fuck me from behind, no condom, fill me for him and make it noisey so he can hear”

I don’t need asking twice. I peel my jeans and boxers down to my ankles and rub my cock head against her wet slit, inching it in.
She presses back and takes my fully length, I love this pussy.

We begin out slow but it quickly gets harder. I’m grabbing at her ass, spanking, pumping hard and she’s moaning so loud. She’s saying shit like “I love this thick cock, fuuuuck, take this pussy”

I don’t last long and let her know, she starts moaning and yelling “fill this pussy up, use it, fill it for me”

I cum hard pumping a load deep into her. I slowly ease out, her gaping pussy is a gorgeous sight. I slide back in a bit and use my cock to help some of the load out.

I pull out and admire my work, her pussy is red, spread and filled. Ikiss her ass, take a photo and begin to get dressed. She tells me to leave and we’ll speak soon and she stays in that position.

I head out and don’t see her husband, show myself out. In the elevator I reply to his text with the photo of her used pussy. “It’s all yours, thanks for letting me use it”

Work on Monday is great, we smile at each other a lot

NSFW: yes

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