My (M27) previous place of work #1 chubby (F27) quickie

Girl number 1.
Not usually my type but she was the first person there to make an effort to be friendly and we hit it off, it was a new place of work and I knew no one so it was nice to have some attention.

She was very plane Jane looking, shy, reserved, my age (27 at the time) mousey brown hair, and if I’m honest was chubby, heavily built with wide hips and a fat ass, but she wore it well.

I joined in the summer and she would wear these sundresses that took some confidence but really worked for her and would show off her tits amazingly.

We’d all the time go out to get lunch together and over the course of a few months got closer. I had a girlfriend, she had a boyfriend but we were very flirty. I loved about an hours drive away but she lived just round the corner from the office and one day on the way out for lunch she said she needed to just stop in at home to grab something.

On this occasion as it wasn’t summer anymore she was wearing jeans (which really showed off the size of her fat ass) and a top (which had her tits busting out) with a coat.

We went to hers and no exaggeration, she opened the door, let me in first, walked in and shut it and as soon as it was shut she pounced on me – it was like we both new we wanted it.

Our lips locked and hands wandered with some really intense deep tongue kissing and various “fucks” being muttered, my hands were all over her grabbing at that ass.

She stepped back and unzips her coat, I take mine off and she hangs them by the door calmy, grabs my hand and makes me follow her down the hall into the living room. More kissing ensues, now her tits are on full show, I’m kissing her neck, down to her cleavage line burying my face in them, she smells amazing.

I come up for air and we begin kissing again, I reach down and pop her button on her jeans and begin to slide her zipper. She steps back and looking at me goes “you sure?” I’m like “only if you are?” And she starts pulling her jeans down herself.

This is the best bit. She’s fat, not my usual type, I’ve only fucked one fat girl before, fatter than her, but still, she’s thicker than I like. Shes wearing these mint green Lacey french panties that are cutting into her hips but framing her perfectly.

I slide my jeans off looking at her, my cock is raging hard in my boxers and I see her looking. Something about her is just setting me off.

She steps in again and we kiss hard, I’m grabbing at her fat ass now, spreading those cheeks, she’s reaching down and grabbing my cock, really fucking hard, so hard it catches my by surprise.

She steps back, turns around and staring at me slides her panties off with ease. She turns around and walks over to the sofa and leans over it.
I’m looking at this far fucking ass bent over the sofa, her legs a little open and her pussy peeking at me.
Even her pussy is fat, thick lips, puffy, it looks like it’s been well fucked before…..I want it.

I walk over and can’t help myself I drop
to my knees and put a hand on each ass cheek spreading her wide.
Her asshole is gorgeous, it’s pink, perfectly puckered and looks unused, hidden by these fat fucking cheeks.
I run my tongue from her cunt up over her ass which makes her moan a long fuck.

I eat her for a while, her pussy taste gorgeous and it’s absolutely soaked.

I stand back up and ask her if she wants me to fuck her, she says yea and confirms she’s on the pill, I was no time.
I pull my boxers down to my ankles and slide into her slow, that fat pussy feels so fucking good.
I’m a decently thick 8” and I slide in with ease straight to the balls.

She moans, I back out and back in again. Slowly starting to pump her, building pace.
After a couple minutes I’m going hard, she’s asking for it harder, I’m giving her the works but she wants more so I begin to spank her, she’s yelling yes and begging me to go harder, it’s mad, I’m giving her all I’ve got and she’s taking it no questions asked.

After about 5 minutes all in im there, I give her a fuck im going to cum and she yells don’t pull out, I cum, it’s thick and I pump a load into her emptying my balls.

I slowly slide out, looking at my handy work, red hand prints on her pale fat ass and a pussy that looks even more battered than it did when we started.

I pull my boxers up as she turns around and puts her panties on.
We look at each other and just both go “fuck”

Get dressed, grab a drink of water and head back to the office, no lunch eaten.

We never fucked again or even spoke about it but we remained friends until she left the business and are still online friends today.

I pumped a load into a shy fat girl and I liked it.

NSFW: yes

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