My Lover Drives Me Wild

[M] I am sitting in the tub stroking my cock right now as I remember an experience I had with my incredibly sexy girlfriend the other day.

She likes to tease me by sending sexy comments or photos to me while I’m at work. Like the time she told me she was in the office and was so horny she had to go to the restroom to slide her fingers into her wet pussy. I think she just likes making me horny so when I come home I’m ready to ravish her… it works.

So there I was at my desk, focused on the project, when I receive a video of her having one the most intense orgasm I’ve seen. I had to go to a bathroom stall to finish watching it while stroking my cock… not to cum but to enjoy the energy (I like to let it create).

Shortly after returning to my desk I receive another message from her saying she’s been on Reddit today.

So gonna her page (we have separate accounts as well) I see a Slutty Confession saying how she’s been masturbating all morning and how fun it was to be wearing the Loveness vibrator (on low), even having it turned on while talking to some people who came by the house. I’m starting to see more of her kinky side and I love it!

By the time I’m off work and finally with my lover, I’m aching for her. Pulling her slender body against me I begin kissing and undressing her. I feel like bending her over the couch right then and there and taking her.

She tells me her pussy is sore from all the masturbating and asks if I’m ok with a blow job. I’m no fool, I quickly undo my pants and let them drop to the floor.

She’s usually more slow and sensual in the beginning, but tonight she seemed more primal. Pushing me onto the couch and pulling my boxers off, she immediately starts sucking and stroking me.

This was feeling so fucking good… and I was getting so turned on hearing her moan (feeling the vibration) and seeing the lustful look in her eyes. And when I saw her eyes start to close and roll back in pleasure, I knew she had reached down between her legs to rub her clit. I love it when she does that.

This was all so amazing and I soon feel myself getting closer to orgasm. Telling her this, she only moans “mmmhmmmm” and continues her pace. It was clear she didn’t want me to last and wanted to push me over the edge. So I surrender to the sensation as it continues to create.

When I tell her I’m gonna cum, instead of lifting her head and jerking me off, she takes my cock as deep as she can and swallows every drop. Holly fuck this is HOT!!! It’s such a big turn on for me. To literally be devoured in such a sexually intimate way.

Gently stroking and licking my cock she watches me… satisfied in the knowledge that she just blew my mind. Then, with a playful smile she says “you’re such a lucky bastard.” I can only smile and nod “mmmmm” as my whole body hums in the afterglow of orgasm and I float in gratitude and love for this sexy Goddess.

Climbing up my body I feel the heat of her wet pussy on my leg, followed by her tongue sliding into my mouth. My cum taste sweet and I’m suddenly glad I’ve been eating pineapple.

In case you’re wondering, I’m no longer in the tub. I’m now laying in bed enjoying the sensation of clean cool sheets against my naked skin. I did have an orgasm in the tub and I’m about to have another one.

Writing this has felt like reliving it all over again. It makes me want to write about other past experiences.

Well lover, I hope reading my Slutty Confession has turned you on.

And I hope anyone else reading this enjoys it as well, maybe even masturbating to our experience. I guess we all have a slutty side.

Sharing this was fun.

NSFW: yes

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