My Life As A Host To A Slime Monster 19 – Voracious Lover (fiction, F19, supernatural, monster)

After the *bizarre* scene thinking I had **one** daughter out of me and only had **19** more to go I looked over at the daughter’s donor….Sir Henry.

Who was currently passed out and was snoring…..loudly.

I smirked at him thinking I would snore too after having my nuts drained of **every** morsel of cum that resided in them too.

I had the momentary wondered before I rolled my eyes and *tried* to get up hoping I wouldn’t fall after having been freshly fucked.

I somehow was able to get off AND keep my balance if only barely as I took one last look at Sir Henry.

*What **was** he?* I wondered hoping Prime would be able to give some answers but didn’t hear anything as I imagined Prime was probably too busy after feeding on my brain from the multiple orgasms I endured.

I sighed as I made a mental note to ask about Sir Henry later and moved to take my first step, nearly falling as I caught myself.

*Ok I can stand but apparently walking is still a ‘challenge’.*

I waited a second before I tried again to walk and finally after some wobbling I was able to maintain a half decent walk.

I walked out of the bedroom and saw that my *guests* were still there but had taken the liberty to relax as they all lounged on the couch and other chairs.

Cameron was the first to see me as he was smiling. Obviously they were joking about something making him instantly stand.

I waved my hand at him to resume sitting as I spoke, “No, sit.”

Cameron slightly nodded before resuming sitting as the other men turned their heads to see me walk towards them.

I rounded the furniture as I spoke, “Sorry about that. Something about *Sir Henry* made me want to jump his bones before I could speak to you all **why** you are here.”

The criminal looking one that semi scared me actually smiled at me, “No worries. Sir Henry,” he looked back to where I had left Sir Henry, “has that effect on women.”

All of them lightly chuckled as I looked around apparently they *knew* what Sir Henry was.

I looked at Cameron, “Huh?”

Cameron smiled, “Sir Henry is kind of famous with our *kind*.”

The woodsman sitting next to the criminal spoke, “As we ALL have acquired his services.”

I blinked, “Excuse me?”

I looked at Cameron, “Explain.”

Cameron smiled as he spoke, “*Well* when each of our kind,” he looked around the room before he returned his attention to me, “need a woman changed. We have Bee or,” He motioned his hands towards where Sir Henry was, “him help with quick changes.”

Jayme scoffed, “Or when we just want to get rid of a human.”

Cameron looked at Jayme, “Yes that too.”

I blinked, “Huh?”

The criminal spoke, “Sir Henry kind of pissed off a faerie.”

Jayme spoke, “Literally.”

All of them laughed as I remained confused.

The criminal smiled but continued, “The faerie cursed him for pissing on her,” he held out his hands out, “the rest is what you saw.”

I blinked as I shook my head, “No I don’t.”

Cameron spoke, “The faerie Sir Henry *pissed on* was not your normal every day faerie but the *queen* and one of the strongest. For having the audacity of peeing on her and being quite powerful she cursed him.”

I blinked as I ran through it thinking it made sense….kind of. I spoke, “Ok I don’t see how **he** is cursed.”

Cameron sighed before he spoke, “You saw Bee’s daughter, right?”

The criminal smiled, “We ALL did.”

I rolled my eyes at the criminal but nodded at Cameron. He spoke, “Did you think she was a knockout?”

I shrugged, “Sure but so is Bee.”

Cameron nodded, “BUT that doesn’t guarantee her offspring will be gorgeous.”

I blinked not seeing the connection.

Finally the woodsman looking one spoke, “The Queen cursed Sir Henry to **forever** walk the earth never finding love. All women are instantly attracted to him while he **never** falls in love with them.”

I spoke, “Oh!”

Now the curse made sense….but…..

I frowned as I looked at them, “Then what does Bee’s daughter being gorgeous have to do with anything?”

They all shrugged, “By product of his seed.”

I nodded as I got it, “*AHHHH!*”

I smiled at them, “Thank you for clarifying.”

I blinked as I looked at Cameron, “Wait! Are you telling me that if you sleep with Sir Henry you’ll….”

The criminal laughed, “That’s right you will become instantly gorgeous with the perfect figure.”

The woodsman spoke, “And a raging slut.”

I had a mini fit in my head ready to yell at them BOTH. I pointed to the room where Sir Henry was, “THEN WHY THE **FUCK** DIDN’T I JUST FUCK SIR HENRY IN THERE INSTEAD OF HAVING BEE’S GOD DAMNED DAUGHTERS IN ME???”

Cameron blinked as he shrugged.

I screamed the question in my head to Prime.


I waited before Prime calmly spoke, ‘*Because I keep ‘forgetting’ about him. He doesn’t normally travel in our circle so he’s easy to forget.*’

I rolled my eyes as I pinched my nose thinking if *only* I spoke to Cameron more about this he might eventually have wondered of Sir Henry and I wouldn’t have to deal with now 14 more suitors to fuck me so I can feed Bee’s fucking daughters.

Prime spoke, ‘*Besides did you ‘really’ want to become a **raging** slut, my host?*’

I almost wanted to speak as she added, ‘*Equally incapable of love for that’s what we protected you from for not mentioning him.*’

She had a point as I sighed and spoke, “Fine whatever.”

I glared at the remaining men, “So who’s up next?”

The men blinked as Jayme rose his hand, “I’ll be next.”

The criminal spoke, “Wait little panther boy.” Instantly making Jayme drop his hand as he shut up. The criminal glared at me, “What is it we are doing?”

I pointed to the bedroom, “We go back there. We fuck. I drain you of ALL of your semen,” I pointed to my crotch, “into me where I have 14 little hungry girls from Bee,” I pointed to the door, “And out pops a slime daughter.”

I put my hands on my hips, “What else do you need to know?”

The criminal squinted at me, “And what about Sir Henry? You said *drain* us. Will it **kill** us?”

I rolled my eyes as I scoffed, “*No*. Sir Henry is alive,” I pointed to the bedroom, “he’s just back there snoring.”

The criminal turned his head and looked like he’s doing something like extending his listening before looking at me and accepted that as he probably heard Sir Henry’s loud snoring. He spoke, “So we fuck. You drain us. And that’s it?”

I nodded, “Yep.”

The criminal smirked at me, “And what’s in it for us?”

I smirked, “How about having the chance of fucking a girl?”

The criminal smiled as he rolled his eyes before chuckling, “Please!!!” He pointed to the woodsman, “I don’t know about my second in command but I have a *harem* of omega little *bitches* willing to let me stick my knot into them.” He flicked his chin towards me, “What else you got?”


*What the hell is a ‘Knot’?*

*Was that what he named his dick?*

I’ve heard guys, after my ex told me, named their dick. Which I found completely **stupid**?

My ex called his ‘Little Bobbie’. Sounds stupid, right? Well imagine my irritation when he smiled and told me it was something for girls to ‘*bob*’ on.

Sometimes boys can be *so* stupid. And immature. And frustrating.

I shrugged, “Fine with me if you don’t want to fuck a petite 19 year old beauty no skin off my back. I’ll find another.”

The criminal blinked as he wasn’t expecting me to counter like I just had.

Frankly, I was too irritated with learning about Sir Henry being an option to beautify myself without having to go through this not really thinking of the consequences with that one and didn’t feel like playing games. Even if the criminal was holding out for something I didn’t have.

I looked at the woodsman, “What about you? You out?”

The woodsman slowly shook his head, “No Ma’am.”

I rolled my eyes before looking at him, “Please call me Megan,” I pointed to Cameron, “like I’ve told **him** to do.”

The woodsman nodded as he smiled, “Alright Megan. My name is Liam.”

I smirked at him, “That’s a cute name,” I leaned down at him, “So how about it *Liam* you up to fuck?”

Jayme spoke, “HEY!!! I said I was next!”

I looked over at Jayme, “You **are** next. Don’t you worry about that,” I looked at Liam smiling, “Just want to see who’s up to it,” I looked at the criminal, “Unlike *other* individuals.”

The criminal frowned at me but didn’t move.

Liam smirked as he nodded.

I looked over at the ones that looked like they freshly left a bar full of stains who I wondered were *rats* as I spoke, “What about you two?”

The two looked at each other before looking at me as they each nodded not saying anything.

I looked over at the model as I caught him looking me up and down before shrugging, “Sure why not.”

*Ok I didn’t know if I should be pissed or not before I instantly smiled at him as I wondered I look forward to **draining** you for that.*

The model instantly gulped as he saw the murderous look in my eyes before he quickly looked elsewhere.

I looked over at the bikers who were leaning against the kitchen counter calmly drinking a beer as I spoke, “What about you two?”

One smiled as he tilted his beer to me, “Sure thing.”

*Good that makes seven. The criminal was s.o.l. in my mind.*

I smiled as I pointed to Jayme, “You’re first,” I pointed to Liam, “You’re after him,” I pointed to the calm bikers, “Then you two,” I looked at the dirty ones, “Then you.” I smiled widely at *Mr. Model*, “Making you last.”

I looked at the criminal, “Unless you’ve *changed* your mind?”

The criminal looked like he was grinding his teeth but didn’t say anything.

I stood as I smiled, “Lovely,” I walked away, “Come on you can line up.”

I stopped and looked at Cameron, “On Cameron.”

Cameron looked at me, “Ma’am.”

I smiled sweetly, “Could you be a *dear* and carry the snoring Henry out of the bed, please.”

Cameron sighed but got up and followed me into the bedroom as I noticed ALL the men had started to move…..including the criminal.

Guess he didn’t want to give up the chance at free pussy.

*Good now **he**’s last.*

We got to the bedroom to discover Sir Henry was still snoring loudly as his penis laid limply to the side equally sleeping though his sack looked like it was extremely irritated being bright red and shriveled, holding its containers close to the body.

I didn’t let that register as I had never stopped to look at a man’s nuts before to recognize that was odd.

Still I watched as Cameron stepped to the side of the bed and scooped up Sir Henry like he was a sleeping baby before walking to leave the room.

I put my hand on his shoulder instantly stopping him as he looked at me. I whispered as quietly as I could, “Be near in case something happens.”

Cameron didn’t miss my message as he looked at the line of men before looking at me and nodded slightly before leaving the room.

I turned to Jayme, “Alright Jayme you ready?”

Jayme was smiling as he nodded before quickly stripping to nothing letting his dick limply hang reminding me of how big he was.

I looked at him and almost reverted back to my old self wanting to run away but something in me wanted it as I felt my mouth start to water.

I held out my hand to Jayme ignoring my conflicts, “Come on. Let’s get this over with.”

Jayme walked up to me a few steps as I sat on the bed letting him walk up to me.

I looked down at his hanging member before looking up with a smirk, “I imagine you want me to kiss it to wake it up?”

Jayme smiled down at me nodding vigorously.

I smirked as I rolled my eyes thinking *Of course*.

I gingerly reached out and gasped the hanging member and began feeling my mouth salivate like I wanted it.

*Yep this must be one Bee’s new addition she talked about*

I accepted the fact my mouth was salivating as I pulled the limp log as Jayme nudged himself closer to bridge the gap until his limp noodle’s helmet was mere inches away.

I leaned in slightly closing the distance and puckered my lips as I kissed the tip as I looked up at Jayme to see his wide grin like an idiot.

I opened my mouth as I accepted Jayme’s soft member feeling it start to harden after I had kissed it and was surprised to discover I actually could fit it into my mouth.


I didn’t like giving head BEFORE I had met Prime but for some *odd* reason this invigorated me.

Probably just another perk that Bee awakened in me.

I didn’t let my momentary shock stop me as I gobbled Jayme’s limp noodle into my mouth and down my throat as I felt it stiffen and hardened in my mouth as I strangely was getting more and more turned on, kind of like a switch had flipped in my head.

In no time I felt my head start to move back and forth on Jayme’s dick each pass of my mouth I felt the object get stiffer and stiffer until it was at its final hardness making Jayme groan.

I pulled back smiling up at Jayme, “You ready for the fun part?”

Jayme smiled and he once again nodded vigorously, “Yes!”

I smiled as I laid back and opened my legs for Jayme and spoke, “Don’t be too rough,” I felt my smile go wider, “But don’t be too gentle either.”

That was all he needed as he grabbed my thighs and pulled me into him. He looked down momentarily guiding himself into me before he looked at me and pushed.

And my eyes went WIDE as I completely forgot how BIG Jayme’s fucking cock was.

I instantly half screamed half moaned, “*OH GOD!!!!*”

I felt Jayme’s dick slip into my vag as he thrust his WHOLE LENGTH into me causing me to nearly scream at the top of my lungs, “***IIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!***”

I felt Jayme instantly tense as he spoke, “Too rough?”

I propped my head at him and blurted out a high pitched shrill, “*YES!!!! YOU DON’T FUCKING **START** ROUGH!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!*”

He looked so innocent as he winced trying to smile, “Sorry.”

I ground my teeth as I flopped my head back down, “Is there blood?” As I wondered *Fantastic lover my ass!*

I heard Prime lightly chuckle before she spoke in my head, ‘*I said ‘Voracious Lover’ there is a difference my Host.*’

I sighed before I felt Jayme pull himself out causing me to lightly moan as my body quivered at the sensation.

I heard Jayme speak, “No.”

I sighed as I propped my head back up as he meekly spoke, “Does that mean we can continue?”

I felt my nostrils flare as I squinted at the Panther as I saw behind him the line of men smiling as they were obviously laughing at the idiot….most of them. I saw the criminal and the bikers look a little perturbed at Jayme like they were gonna teach him a lesson for daring to break me before they had a go. I tried to speak calmly, “Yes,” I saw him smile and grip me forcing me to speak fast, “BUT,” I caught his attention, “start slow and wait for my vocal cues to tell you how to go,” I tried to smile but it was hard as I was REALLY irritated with him, “ok.”

He nodded, “Right!”

I flopped my head down as I spoke, “Ok you can resume….START SLOW GOD DAMN IT!!!”

And he didn’t listen as went into *vigorous* mode as I screamed and moaned, “*JESUS CHRIST!!!*”

I almost wanted to stop this idiot and vowing to NEVER EVER let another *Were* anything near my pussy but the *pain* of his immediate thrusting quickly changed into pleasure as I moaned a more throaty if albeit broken, “JESUS,” that sounded more like Je *SLAP* Su *SLAP* S *SLAP*.

Soon I was experiencing my first orgasm with Jayme mighty lengthy blows as I groaned and felt my mind explode as the orgasm threatened to melt my brain but it didn’t stop Jayme from *vigorously* pound my pussy with his long dick unaffected by my vag’s attempt to trap the phallic object by pulsing and convulsing around it.

No Jayme kept pounding away using the only speed he apparently had…..hard and fast.

Each thrust made my new breasts sway violently across my chest as I felt my fillings from when I was seven threaten to jar loose in my teeth from Jayme’s onslaught.

I can not take *hours* of this torture as this idiot literally **breaks** my vagina when I had six….no seven other ‘*donors*’ right behind him eager to feed Bee’s daughters. And I don’t think my body can handle this level of pounding for very long. I needed to do something quick.

I quickly screamed in my head as I felt a bigger orgasm ready to slap the previous orgasm out of the way to show its superiority as it fries my brain.


I heard her coo, ‘*Yes my host!*

The orgasm was on top of me ready to destroy my brain. I screamed ‘*WHATEVER YOU GOTTA DO WITH YOUR SISTER TO DRAIN HIM. DO IT!!!!*’

And that’s about when the orgasm fried every synapse as literal fireworks went off in my head.

Luckily for me whatever Prime had to do to talk to her sister was nearly instantaneous as soon as my orgasm came in like 1,000 mph wrecking ball I felt Jayme stop and tense as I swear I heard a literal cat shrill before I felt my insides flood with ultra warmth meaning Prime’s sister was making Jayme cum and made that wrecking ball twenty times bigger as my brain literally checked out and my world went dark.

I didn’t feel anything after that though I was sure Jayme’s nuts were being sucked dry but at that moment I didn’t care.

I was just happy I had gotten it to finish before Jayme had given me brain damage from all the orgasms he would have made me endure as he attempted to destroy my vag.

When my brain finally rebooted and I started getting my senses back it nearly fried itself again as I felt Jayme was still filling my womb with his ultra warm goo causing me to shudder as each shot threatened to leak all over the place but my womb kept on to each shot Jayme’s system had to give as he was drained of every morsel of semen.

My eyes fluttered as I could speak again as I felt more and more cum invade me still surprised I wasn’t feeling it leak out.

I felt Jayme’s grip finally let go of my legs as I wondered *Oh no you don’t!!!* but I couldn’t do anything as my limbs weren’t responding. I quickly spoke to Prime, “*GRAB HIM!*” and in an instant my legs wrapped around Jayme’s waist as I sat up and wrapped my arms around his torso pulling him down to me as I spoke to Prime, “*NOW DRAIN HIM!!!*”

I briefly heard Prime answer, ‘*Yes my host*’ as I felt Jayme groan lowly as his body shuddered as I felt MORE hot spunk shoot into me making my eyes flutter as I panted out a small moan.

I don’t know if it was me that spoke or Prime but I lowly spoke, “Yessss give it ALL to me!”

I heard Jayme groan as more shot into me as I felt a cum baby start to form as Jayme’s nuts were quickly being drained.

Just when I wondered he couldn’t give more his dick continued bouncing in my sensitive pussy as more and more cum shot being added to the literal infinite river of cum flowing into me causing me to revel in the sensation as I knew shortly that warmth would be ripped away from me to build a new daughter for Bee.

Time slowed as I felt each shot slowly expanding a new liquid baby that had the possibility of impregnating more than 25 women if not more.

Still his dick bounced and I was slowly turning into the biggest cum receptacle ever.

I felt Jayme pass out at the sheer volume of cum escaping his body as this level of orgasm was too much for his male brain to handle as he collapsed in my arms causing me to chuckle at his limp body thinking *Light weight*.

*Almost there!* as I felt my womb’s expansion become more and more as Jayme’s dick continued to bounce without checking in with his brain.

Finally I felt Jayme’s dick stop bouncing as it officially went dead as if saying ‘*That’s all I got coach*.

I spoke in my head checking in with Prime, ‘*Is that it? Is he drained?*’

I heard Prime coo, ‘*Yes my host. My sister is extracting the last as she pulls herself out now.*’

As soon as she said that Jayme limply trembled and shuddered as I felt a little bit more warmth come out.

I spoke out loud, “Ok you can release him.”

With that my arms responded as they gripped Jayme’s limp body by the shoulders and threw him up as my legs unwrapped around his waist and literally *kicked* him off of me causing him to collapse onto the floor before me.

I lifted my head as I looked at the remaining men as I spoke, “You’ll love this!”

As soon as I spoke I instantly felt all that warmth in my body suddenly leave me as I felt the new daughter slowly expand as it drank all the warm life creating fluid expanding to replace all the fluid.

Then I felt the growing ball slowly push out as I flopped my head back down onto the bed and started grunting trying to help push the growing ball out of me before it tears me aside.

This time the passage through my pussy felt quicker as the ball almost seemingly raced out as it only took a couple of grunts before I heard a faint *SCHLORP* and faintly felt the ball bounce onto the floor next to my foot.

I sat up and watched as the ball quickly expanded before the first crack was shown as it gave off a light pink hue. Then another crack formed before the ball fell away and a pool of liquid spilled out covering the floor in a small pool.

Then we watched as the pool started getting thicker and thicker as it rushed back into a single point and started forming a curled up body. Then the body started turning feminine with obvious curves. Then the blob began to solidify as the form started to settle how it wanted as the body slowly uncurled itself.

And just like last time a small dark red drop escaped my vagina and shot across the distance to enter the solidifying form as it rippled accepting the teardrop of red liquid that I assumed was part of Bee’s essence.

As soon as the body absorbed the red drop it quickly started forming the essential bits. The body slowly sat up as it rippled and features started forming and finally stopped.

Within the span of a few seconds a small ball exited me and shortly after the seconds a new human sized feminine slime sat where the ball was.

I watched as facial features slowly formed as it looked at me before that finally finalized.

I was relieved to see this new daughter didn’t have any *Were* parts as I semi expected whiskers or something.

The head of the new daughter tilted as she spoke, “You’re not mom?”

I smiled as I shook my head, “No I was just your vessel holding you until I could collect enough cum.”

The new daughter blinked as she turned her attention to the limp Jayme before she looked at me, “Making him my daddy?”

I smiled as I nodded.

She tilted her head again, “What’s his name?”

I spoke, “Jayme.”

She put her hand to her chin in wondered, “Jayme??” I heard her muse before she smiled, “I like it. From now on call me Jayme.”

I smiled, “Hello Jayme.”

She smiled, “Hello.”

Then I watched as she looked down and looked back to see the other men as their jaws were hanging open seeing the entire thing.

She looked back at me, “What’s their problem?”

I looked up at the men seeing their reaction, causing me to chuckle before I looked back at the new Jayme, “They’re not used to your birthing.” I smiled, “Besides they’re not used to slimes.” I tilted my head as I looked at their shocked expressions, “I don’t think at least.”

Jayme wondered of it as she nodded as she spoke, “How about this?”

As she solidified and went from a semi transparent form barely being able to distinguish things like facial features to completely solid full of skin no longer being transparent.

I blinked when I saw her eyes were deep green with almost cat-like slits for pupils. But that was the ONLY change in her form as the rest looked fairly typical for being a woman. She had nice sized breasts and even a little bush above her vagina.

And just like Babs she was beautiful….if only miniscule. Babs looked like a living doll come to life. Jayme looked more like she was a solid 9 on the achievable scale for mere humans. Babs was a definite 12 and possibly unattainable.

She looked back at the men, “Better?”

They didn’t respond before she looked at me, “Better?”

I smiled as I nodded, “Sure honey.”

She smiled at the praise before she got up and looked around for a moment and did the same thing as her sister Babs. She looked at the men. Then down at herself. Then she looked at me, “I seem to be on the short side naturally, is that ok?”

I almost laughed like she was confirming if she was too short or not but chuckled and spoke, “It’s fine.”

She smiled and bowed in front of me, “Thank you for holding me and ensuring my birth Megan. I am forever in your debt.”

Huh, that was new.

I smiled at her as I padded her head, “Your welcome sweetheart. Now go. Be with your sister and mother.”

She straightened and nodded, “Right.”

She turned and was about to walk out as I spoke, “Oh you might want to be clothed if you want to look normal,” as I completely forgot to tell Babs that before she left. Now I was getting accustomed to this.

Jayme turned to look at me looking semi confused as she matched my clothing style which was being nude. I almost laughed before I pointed to the line of men, “Like them.”

Jayme turned and looked at the men before she looked down at herself then looked at me, “*Oh!* Gotcha.”

She briefly looked at the men as her feet turned into the biker’s boots, her legs turned into the woodsman’s jeans and top turned into the shirt T and finally the biker’s leather jacket.

She looked at me, “Better?”

I smiled as I nodded, “Sure.”

She beamed at that and walked out of the room as the men immediately stepped apart to let her through.

After she left I looked at the men and smiled as I spoke, “NEXT!!!”

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