My Life As A Host To A Slime Monster 10 – Mask (fiction, F19, supernatural, monster)

My heart was pounding so hard that was all I could hear.

I’m sure the circulation slime was having a field day and fed heavily as my blood flowed at a rate that would make a race car seem slow as my heart beated at a rate that should leave me concerned that I might have a heart attack.

I faintly heard Brandon speak and that still took a couple repetitions in my head to actually find out him….I think.

But Prime confirmed it for me, ‘*Relax my host.  Just breathe in and out.*’

I wondered ‘*How am **I** supposed to relax when a monster is about to eat my pussy!*’

Prime lightly chuckled for a moment before she whispered, ‘*Relax my host.  Just enjoy the moment there’s nothing to be worried about.*’

I wondered *easier said than done* as I suddenly became **very** concerned if I would taste good or not.

WAIT! What if I *taste* TOO good and this **MONSTER** ‘actually’ **eats** me?


Excuse me, but it sounds like an actual concern.  The moment I wondered that I heard Prime actually laugh in my head before whispering, ‘*Just relax my host!*’

Now all this ‘probably’ happened in the fraction of a second but it still felt like an eternity as all this happened.

Still I took a deep breath as I tried to calm my nerves and within a few moments my heart rate settled to where my breathing started to slow down and I started to hear again….though still muffled.  

The more I settled myself down the more my hearing returned until finally I heard Brandon speak, “Relaxed enough yet?”

I lifted my hips and ass off as I looked down and back to see Brandon’s smile who had probably waited for me to calm down before doing anything.

I felt my face redden and heaten but I still meekly spoke, “Yeah….,” I smirked, “thanks.”

He nodded and answered by smacking my ass again causing me to ‘yelp’ before I felt his hands grab my butt and hips and simply pulled down gently as my backside lowered back down to where I was essentially sitting on Brandon’s face and I could officially feel his hot breath against my exposed vagina making me blush harder and my heart to begin racing again.

I faintly heard Prime whisper, ‘*Relax my host*’.  I closed my eyes reminding myself to relax and got my heart rate under control….kind of.

A certain someone’s breathing against my expose pussy wasn’t helping my plight.

All sorts of scenarios ran through my head until I felt the first kiss on my lips causing my brain to stop mid run on the scenarios as I simultaneously cooed ‘*Ooooo*’.

The second kiss this time hit right on the correct spot instantly making my eyes roll and flutter at the same time because the sensation was exquisite.

Then the third kiss made me lightly whimper as my hips started moving of their own accord.

I braced my hands on Brandon stomach as I felt a slimy muscle slip in between my lips and lightly travel along my labia causing my breathing to quicken and my eyes continued fluttering at the sensation.

*Good god this is amazing!!* I wondered before my eyes widened and bulged as the tongue *somehow* did a 180 and travel the opposite way and twist right at my vaginal opening.

*What the hell?*

I pushed off Brandon and lifted my rear to look at Brandon as I looked at him quizzically to discover he was smiling widely.

Brandon smiled wickedly, “What?”

I stuttered, “D-did your tongue just *twist*?”

He smiled as he opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue.

My eyes widened as his tongue continued sticking out until it appeared to be well over two feet long out of his mouth…..then proceeded doing [tricks]( that completely baffled my mind.

I watched in complete fascination before I somehow spoke, “Incubus?”

Brandon laughed and spoke, “No there’s *plenty* of normal humans with impressively long tongues and can do the same tricks.”  Then he mused the statement before shrugging, “Though the current record holder is about four inches or so,” he smiled, “mines about seven and half so maybe being an *Incubus* has it’s benefits.”

I lightly shuddered hearing that as Brandon spoke at the same time smacking my ass, “Now come back down here.”

I moaned and whimpered, “Yes sir!”

And I lowered my rear back down and was back to sitting on Brandon’s face.

I heard Brandon speak, “While I’m pleasing you maybe you should return the favor.”

I was still holding myself up on Brandon’s stomach allowing him better access to my pussy but looked down at the veiny standing thick phallic object and blinked at the impossible object thinking *Did it get bigger?*.

My wondered was only momentary as I felt what could be best described as a wet python encircling my clit hugging it but not strangling it.

Feeling that caused my arms to go weak as I nearly fell forward and found myself following his suggestion as I opened my mouth letting the impossible object pass into my mouth and further down as **I** happily gagged on the monster’s dick.

I only got a few bobs on this ‘being’s’ impossible tasting dick before I felt my first orgasm causing me to freeze and let the dick slip out of my mouth as the tongue swirled and continued hugging my clit as I couldn’t ignore the sensation.

I stared wide eyed as my orgasm began misfiring everything in my body at the impossible combo.

After the first delightful orgasm I resumed allowing the dick to gag me as Brandon showed me his tongue could do more than do impressive tricks….and hug my clit.

He somehow moved his tongue and swirled it into my vagina canal and for the first time I sensed a tongue so far in my canal causing me eyes to go wide as he easily found a bundle hiding in my canal causing another orgasm to slam in my body and once again I froze as Brandon’s dick fell out of my mouth as my body tensed.

I laid across Brandon frozen in bliss unable to find out ‘how’ all this was happening other than accepting and happy it was happening.

I lost count of how many orgasms Brandon had me experience with his gifted tongue as I was officially an orgasmic goo of flesh. My mind was completely fried from the sheer magnitude and mind boggling amount of orgasms I had ever experienced that any form of thinking was now foreign to me.

But somehow during my many O’s I somehow kept resuming blowing Brandon’s impressive schmeat to where he was ready to blow.

I knew that because Brandon simply grabbed my hips and twisted forcing me to follow the simple gesture as all my muscles were in ‘rag doll’ mode and I had no control as I simply flopped off Brandon to lay on the bed panting and breathing heavily not knowing what the hell was going on.

Then something happened….Brandon grunted with a smile of my head as he pointed his bulbous member in my face and started unloading all the contents hiding in his body…..ALL OVER MY FACE.

Now this was enough shock to fully reboot my mind as I screamed, “**WHAT THE FUCK!!!**”

But the deed was done and Brandon had officially nutted all over my face….and it was A LOT as I felt the slimy hot substance on my forehead, my nose, my cheeks, my chin. Hell with how much he fired I wouldn’t be surprised if he nutted in my hair too.

I sat up quick and closed one eye as I felt the hot substance run down from my forehead and was afraid it might go in my eye as I had heard you DID NOT want a guy’s cum in your eye…..or up your nose. Unless you want to be blind for a spell as it literally burned like no other.

I think I slightly remember one poor girl run around my ex’s house as his older brother did something to his girl and somehow shot his load up her nose and eye which made her run around the house crying and screaming, “IT BURNS!!! IT BURNS!!!” stark naked…..while their parents were home. Apparently my ex, Tommy, his brother Dakota was able to pull off a quickie with his girl without their rents knowing what was happening…..until Dakota had the bright idea to pull out, pinch his member and was able to shoot further than expected…..up the girls nose and onto her eye. Both hit her brain and she got up and ran out of Dakota’s room screaming as her perky tits bounced and bubble butt shaked as she screamed crying before dashing into the living room….and final into the bathroom slamming the door.

After seeing that I did NOT want to experience whatever happened to that girl.

So I told Tommy if he tried that I would CUT off his dick and officially break up with him.

That lasted a whopping two weeks before he did a ‘slip’ and tried to introduce me to anal which was the LAST straw for me after all the other offenses I told him it was over if he couldn’t respect me.

And here was this asshole doing the thing to instantly piss me off as he did something that no man had ever done to me before….nutted on my face.

With my one eye free of the threat of cum dripping down I stared daggers at Brandon and nearly shrilled, “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU”RE DOING???”

Brandon simply smiled confidently and spoke something that made absolutely ‘NO SENSE’, “Helping you out.”

*See….made no sense!*

I blinked in complete confusion as that statement literally didn’t compute in my brain before my mind ‘found’ a path forward in his thinking as I instantly got madder, “WHAT? Help me like putting a bag over my face? Am I THAT ugly? Is this an INCUBUS’s way of covering up my ugly? Your sick and twisted version of putting a bag over my head?”

I felt my anger rise and rise as I was getting ready to blow my top and do some damage to this guy, monster or no monster. His ass was officially approaching to be grass in my mind.

Brandon started laughing…..hard and making my rage flood and boil adding fire and brimstone to the mix.

And before I could unload on this man he spoke something that instantly derailed my anger as he spoke, “Rub it in.”

I blinked at him and for a moment I was dumbfounded at his statement before the road my mind was on took off like a train as I screamed, “THAT”S EVEN **WORSE**!!!” before I started growling, “Listen here you motherfucker…”

That’s as far as I got as Brandon spoke in confidence, “Just rub it in. In a day you will understand.”

I stopped and blinked my free eye at him.

And just before I could question him I heard Prime speak in my head, “Did I *forget* to mention to you my *host* that Incubus semen has rather unique magical properties?”


I stopped my tirade and spoke in my mind, “All right start explaining….NOW!!!”

Prime lightly chuckled before she spoke, “Just rub in his semen my *host* and tomorrow when you look in the mirror you will fully understand.”

I spoke in my mind, “This isn’t some sick joke is it?”

Prime chuckled, “No my *host*.”

I wanted to glare at Prime but instantly spoke, “‘Why’ not explain now?”

I heard Prime sigh but she spoke, “It’s easier for you to understand in the morning than Brandon or myself explaining now. Just **trust** me and rub in his seed like you were applying conditioner. You *should* start feeling it tingling already now, am I right?”

I sighed and reflexively nodded before realizing she didn’t see me as I spoke, “Yeah it’s tingling….badly.”

Prime spoke, “Painfully?”

I sighed and replied, “No just tingling….strongly.”

Prime chuckled as she spoke, “Good it’s already working. Just rub it in and tomorrow you will understand my *host*.”

I sighed and looked at Brandon, “Magical properties?”

Brandon smiled but nodded as he spoke confidently, “Yes.”

I sighed and almost wanted to throw up but I did as instructed as I reached up and started rubbing the hot goo into my face like I would a conditioner or a thick face mask.

I wanted to revolt and gag that I was rubbing fucking cum into my face as I felt the substance tingle something fierce as I refrained from smelling it or I would vomit on the spot.

Brandon was even nice to help me as he offered directions where I should rub his thick load onto. I worked the substance on my forehead, my nose, my upper lip, my cheeks, my jaw line. And at Brandon’s direction I rubbed behind my ears and all over my neck.

More than once I almost gave up and demanded that Brandon had me a wet wipe of some kind.

But eventually I got my cum mask rubbed in and felt completely and utterly dirty that I was now sporting a semen mask as it tingled all over that I rubbed it. The strongest tingle was the back of my neck….and all over my cheeks and forehead.

Brandon smiled at me, “There, don’t we look radiant.”

I glared at him wanting to continue chewing him out but decided to take the ‘high road’ and tell him ‘this’ *session* was now complete.

I turned and was about to walk away and tell Brandon he could excuse himself while I ignored that I was just told to rub cum all over my face because this monster’s cum had magical properties.

I got about one step away before Brandon grabbed my hand stopping me from stomping away as he spoke, “Where do you think you’re going?”

I looked at him with my best sneer face as I spoke, “This sex ‘session’ is **over**.”

He smiled and slowly shook his head, “Oh no **we** aren’t done,” as he pointed to his still **stiff** member making my eyes go wide at the sight that it was back to being ready and looked even more intimidating like his cock was changing shapes as he spoke, “**WE** still have work to do.”

He playfully shrugged, “I don’t want you to walk away from this with a bad taste,” as he smiled evilly, “when you are still *able* to walk.”

I gulped as I suddenly realized that I *may* have made an error in my judgement as I quickly changed my thinking from ‘*He might be a nice guy*’ to ‘*Nope he’s definitely a **monster***’.

And to add the cherry on top of my growing fear was hearing Prime’s almost maniacal laugh in my head.

NSFW: yes

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