My Life As A Host To A Slime Monster 07 – Suitor (fiction, F19, supernatural, monster)

I had just admitted to my growing *need* as I felt like I was foaming at the mouth as I watched in my view of the outside world while I was stuck in my mind scape Prime had a smug smile on her face as she cooed, “That’s good.”

I folded my arms and wondered *Haughty Bitch!* but didn’t saying anything for a moment before I finally spoke, “So what do **WE** do about my *frustration* that **YOU** and **YOUR SISTERS** created?”

I watched as Prime shrugged in the mirror, “That is up to **you** my *host*.”

I squinted as I spoke, “What do you *mean* that is up to **me** when this is **your** fault?”

I watched as Prime chuckled for a moment before speaking, “Well if you *want* my *host* **we** can go to the back room and let you take control so you can take care of what **my sisters and I** did to you.”

I watched as she smiled wildly, “Or…..”

I sucked in a deep breath of air as I exhaled slowly as I spoke, “Or….what?”

She smirked almost evilly as she shrugged, “Or **WE** can call on a suitor of **your** choosing.”

I looked at her, “Suitor? Meaning a call guy?”


If there’s such a thing as a *call girl* there had to be a profession called a *call guy*.

Though if I **really** wondered about it I was sure the *term* was called something else. But the broad brush stroke of the actual title amounted to the same thing in my mind so I was sticking with *call guy*.

Prime smiled as she lightly chuckled, “If that’s what you want to call *him* then sure. A call **guy**.”

I sighed, “Ok! Got anyone in **mind**?”

Prime smiled as she spoke, “Oh I have a *few* selections that would be wonderful.”

I rolled my eyes feeling *irritated* was adding to my *frustration* which was not a **healthy** combination to be in. I spoke, “Ok. Who?”

Prime smiled as she spoke, “Let me make some calls.”

I sighed as I spoke in defeat, “Fine.”

Then I watched Prime sit down on the couch as she picked up a phone and started making calls as I got to hear only one side of the conversation which was weird as Prime was part of my head so I **should** be able to hear what she heard….right?


I just heard HER side of the conversation and in the context it was rather ONE SIDED.

Eventually, after god knows how long there came a knock to the door and low and behold stood three men.

Prime spoke to the men, “Let me talk to my *host* to see which one of **you** *she* fancies.”

All the men stood as they walked into the big ass penthouse and nodded as they stopped short of the walkway from the entrance to the living as if this was a common occurrence to them.

I heard Prime speak, “Before I speak to my *host* could you all be dears and strip so she may check you all out properly?”

Once again the trio nodded and proceeded to strip down to where each one was in their birthday suits as they held their hands behind their backs letting their individual manhoods hang in the air conditioned breeze of the room.

Before Prime showed up in my mind scape I was already judging each *call guy*.

Guy number one looked like he was a roided out freak that stood maybe 6’5″ easily towering over my short stature. His head was completely shaved bald. He looked at me with his amber intense stare looking like he was ready for a fight. All his muscles bulged though it looked like he was standing in a relaxed state. And there swinging in between his legs was a monster **cock** that hung below his knees with *the* largest set of balls I had **EVER** seen in my life.

This man’s COCK if it was hanging BELOW HIS GOD DAMNED KNEES SOFT I WAS AFRAID TO SEE IT STANDING would *easily* split me in two as I knew my little body and small pussy probably couldn’t take this man’s **TIP** let alone his entire length as the best I could do, if the tip could fit, was fit maybe a tenth of the impossible length.

He was already out in my mind as, even in my mind scape, I was holding my ethereal crotch like I could already feel me splitting in two from just looking at the monstrosity as I screamed in my highest pitch voice ‘***OOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!***’.

The second man looked much much shorter guy number one as he stood an agreeable 5’10″ish give or take a hair. His eyes was a leg melting intense green that even in my mind scape made me melt. Though he was as roided out like guy number one he was equally muscular but it looked more….right on him. Unlike guy number one with his shiny bald head this man had a full head of almost black hair that was slicked back and looked to read down to his shoulders.

And like guy number one **this** man had a **COCK** on him that was equally lazily hanging ready to do what it was meant to do……destroy and break girls. Though in **THIS** man’s case his dick was *slightly* shorter by mere inches as it was ABOVE his KNEE *BUT* **STILL** hung as long as his THIGHS were.

This time I was holding my ethereal crotch more tightly ready to scream numerous obscenities as I silent told myself that **THAT** piece of schmeat was not going **no where** near my lower flower.

The **third** guy looked more or less ordinary if not down right *average* compared to the first two specimens of manhood as he stood more in the 5’8″ range being the shortest of the three. His body looked more….wiry….and oddly enough harder. He looked at me with a dark tint in his eyes that made me think they weren’t brown but more black.

And something about the *man* seemed familiar almost like I *should* know him somehow.

I closely looked at the average looking man at the screen in my mind scape and wondered *How come he looks like he should be popular or something?* and continued to rack my brain trying to remember **where** *HE* looked familiar from. And all I kept getting was a *blank* in my mind but SWORE that he looked familiar from somewhere but WHERE I had no idea.

And *unlike* guys one and two his dick looked more appeasing compared to the other two’s monstrous pythons that would easily split my poor little pussy in two if they tried stuffing their oak trees in me. This man’s dick looked more or less average though was still a little on the big side for my tastes as it hung to about mid-thigh.

Each man had their own qualities that *apart* from their numerous lengthened hanging appendages that scared me I still had to admit they had their own qualities that I couldn’t deny that were HARD to ignore.

Like *Guy Number One* seemed menacing but I felt a *gentle* soul resonating from him though he looked like he could easily SNAP me in half from just flexing his bulging muscles.

I lightly wondered he *could* easily change his physique from scary looking to teddy bear if he simply covered his body with artistic tattoos to ease his scariness.

Guy Number Two though wasn’t entirely scary looking compared to muscled freak standing next to him something about his stare was more off putting like he was looking at me as if I were more **FOOD** than a efficient lover. It was like his eyes were more feral than human.

It was really *off-putting*. Still I had to admit his intense stare made me feel like I wanted to melt.

And then there’s suitor number three that seemed off….and at the same time extremely *cute*. Like that his shoulder length hair seemed wavy and perfect. Then there was his little soul patch on his chin that was *so* outdated but if you gave him the chance he could *easily* convince you the style was coming back in style. And then there was his ear piercings as big loops hung IN the lobe.

It was like no matter what snap judgement I wanted to make of Suitor Number Three something about his vibrance made me want to rethink the oddity as being cute….and **attractive**.

As I looked at the three men I knew in my mind that guy number three was more or less the obvious choice.

But still…..where did Prime discover these men…..Monsters ‘R’ Us?

As the question formed I instantly went ‘*Duh*’ as I forgot **who** I was dealing with.

All this happened in an instant but still held myself, mainly my crotch, as I looked at the display in my mind scape before **Prime** showed up in my mind scape with a smile.

She spoke, “Well? What do you think?”

I looked at her as I nearly yelled hysterically, “What do **I** think???”

I felt myself sneer at her, “Did you **REALLY** have to call FUCKING **MONSTERS** to help take care of **my** frustration???”

Prime blinked as she spoke, “Well **WE** are *monsters* my dear *host* and that’s **who** *WE* represent after all.”

I blinked for a moment as I **now** remembered that Prime did run a business of *monsters* as I spoke, “*Oh yeah*.”

I held up my hand towards the display, “But did it **have** to be the **biggest** dicked *monsters*?”

Prime blinked as she looked at the display speak, “*BIG*?” before looking back at me and pointed to the screen as she replied, “They’re the **smallest**.”

I blinked as I wondered *Say huh?* as I looked up and wondered *The Smallest?* before shuddering and sighing as I made a mental note to myself that I will **never** get used to my new world as I was still dipping my toe into this mysterious world that has hidden itself so well that no one knew fucking slimes were still in existence.

I spoke, “Ok **WHAT** are they?”

Prime looked at me as she spoke, “Meaning what *flavor* of monster are they?”

I nodded as I spoke, “Just so I know what I’m dealing with before I make my choice.”

Prime smiled, “That is good to do. I like that,” as she pointed to me, “that’s why I *knew* you would be a good choice to be **our** *host*.”

She smiled warmly at me before looking at the display as she pointed to the roided out figure as she spoke, “Cameron is a *Minotaur*,” she looked at me as added, “he’s the runt of his litter.”

I blurted out, “**RUNT**???” as I looked at the behemoth of a man.

Prime mused, “Yes *runt*,” she looked at me, “His four *brothers* and three *sisters* are much more impressive than him.”

She smiled, “But I’ll admit **HE** is a **better** lover than either of his siblings.”

I blinked and wondered *Huh?* as I looked up at the giant still not believing **HE** was the *RUNT* let alone capable of being a lover to anything.

If I saw **HIM** in a dark alley and saw his **TRUNK** I’d be running for the hills crying for my mommy.

I sure as fuck would **NOT** lay down and let him touch my sensitive bit with that monstrosity swinging between his legs.

I looked at *Prime*, “Ok I **have** to ask **WHAT** does **HE** and his siblings do for **YOU**?”

Prime looked back at the man before looking at me, “Cameron is **my** bodyguard. Meaning **he**’s *your* bodyguard. And his siblings are protectors of something or another.”

I looked up at *Cameron* and had to *rethink* my initial wondered of him and I imaged *him* and *me* walking down a dark alley and **if** anyone was stupid enough to step out to cause me **or** him any bodily harm I **instantly** felt sorry for the idiot to even try.

I felt a sudden smirk broaden on my face as I *also* imagined a similar scenario but this time *Cameron* decided to make any would be criminal sorry as he sodomised the poor idiot.

*Ok I will admit that **scenario** was actually funny to watch* but **still** he was scary nonetheless though now that I **knew** he would be **my** protector *while* Prime and her sisters resided in my body made me feel a little bit safer now.

I nodded as I spoke, “Ok *fair enough*.”

I pointed to the other two, “And them?”

Prime pointed to scary man number two as she spoke, “Jayme is a *Were*,”

I blurted out, “**WEREWOLF**??” as I looked up at the man instantly seeing **WOLF** features.

Prime wondered about it for a moment and shook her head, “No I don’t *think* he’s a wolf. Hold on let me double check.” Then I heard Prime speak in the feed, “Jayme darling remind me *which* **Were** you are again?”

Jayme looked at us as he spoke, “Panther.”

Prime looked at me in my mind scape, “That’s right *Panther*.” She smiled, “Jayme here is an excellent book keeper,” she looked up as I could tell she had pride in her statement, “his knack for sniffing out deals and managing the money knows no bounds.”

She smiled at me, “And like Cameron a voracious lover,” her smile turned a little too wide to be human, “capable of *lasting* for hours.”


Yeah I could barely last ten minutes without feeling exhausted let alone **hours** so I think Mr. Panther is out.

I shook my head quickly replying firmly, “NOPE!!!” before I pointed my chin to more *common* man, “And him? He some type of sloth or something?”

Prime lightly chuckled at my ploy thinking the last man was another *were* flavor after being introduced to both a **MINOTAUR** and a flipping **WERE PANTHER** as I was too scared to think of a different *monster*.

Prime looked at me as she spoke confidently, “No my *host*. **Brandon** is an *Incubus*.”

I blinked as I wondered *A huh?* as I started raking my brain on what the hell an incubus was but was drawing a blank.

**EXCUSE ME!!!! It’s not like I fucking studied monsters.**

I still spoke, “A *huh*?”

She smiled, “A *creature* who **FEEDS** on sex my *host*.”

I blinked as I was now getting accustomed to **FEEDING** as I spoke, “Feed how?”

She smiled, “Typically **LIFE** energy.”

Ok **that** took some mental gymnastics before I realized she was talking about **MY** life energy. Meaning **HE** would **SHORTEN** my life.

I sighed as I was quickly amending my **FIRST** choice as I’d rather be split in two over having my **LIFE** energy sucked on and shorten my life span….however *long* that was.

I think I’ll take the Panther to split me in two as that seems a lot less painful than having my life energy taken away from me….I think.

But I **still** had to ask the obvious *question* to make sure I was understanding Prime right as I pointed to the *average* looking *monster*, “Meaning **MY** ***LIFE*** *ENERGY*? Meaning *HE*’LL ***SHORTEN*** **MY** *LIFE SPAN*?”

Prime looked at me like I should be *surprised* as I continued almost yelling in near hysteria, “WHY IN THE **FUCK** WOULD **YOU** BRING A **MONSTER** THAT WOULD **SHORTEN**,” I pointed to myself, “***MY*** PRECIOUS LIFE SPAN? LAST TIME I CHECKED *PRIME* I **NEED** MY LIFE SPAN IN ORDER TO **LIVE**.”

Prime let me scream in hysteria until she was sure I was finished before speaking, “**YOU** do *realize* my dear *host* that I **promised** you that I would *protect* your life while **we** are bonded.”

I blinked and stopped my little tirade before it could go any further as I spoke, “You will?”

Prime nodded, “Yes that’s what it means when **we** bound to a *host*.”

I blinked and felt ashamed as Prime continued, “Meaning if **you** my *host* choose **Brandon** as **your** lover to take care of **your** frustration that **WE** caused **WE** will *allow* Brandon to **feed** on **OUR** life essence instead of **yours**.”

I looked at Prime as I spoke, “So let me get this straight. *IF* I choose the *Incubus*, a being that **FEEDS** on ***LIFE ENERGY*** meaning **he**’ll FEED on **MY** *Life Energy*. Instead, *you*’ll let **him** FEED on **YOUR** energy instead of *mine*?”

Prime looked at me, “Might you **WE** meaning my sisters and I will feed on **your** energy but yes. **WE** will feed him *OUR* life energy to protect your life span my *host*.”

*Oh yeah I forgot Prime and her sister’s feed on **my** energy.*

I sighed as I wondered at least **THEY** would be feeding on **MY** energy without shortening my life span…..I think. At least that’s how they were making it sound.

AND from the sounds of it, it sounds like they were gonna **PROTECT** me from shortening my life span from someone they brought in.

So my options NOW were have a fucking MINOTAUR, still cannot believe the blasted Minotaur was REAL, who was *supposedly* a through lover though I highly DOUBT I’ll survive with what was hanging between his legs as I was sure that *THING* would split me in two and if it doesn’t HE will by simply flexing.

Then there was the *WERE PANTHER* who was supposedly outlast any man alive to where there was a HIGH chance that I might faint from exhaustion as he continued pumping me…..oh AND breaking me.

And finally the last choice was have a being FEED on my life energy that Prime and her sisters would protect me from.

*Can not believe I’m **actually** considering this.*

I sighed as it was clear what my option was.

I looked at Prime, “As long as you **promise** to protect me I choose Brandon,” I blushed as I still can’t believe I’m about to say this as I finished my *choice*, “the Incubus.”

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