My lesbain friend (update)

Well I don’t think I can consider her a lesbian anymore lol For those of you that didn’t see my first post, I have a friend whose in a relationship with another woman and had said she swore off men for good. But often gave signs that she liked me as more than a friend. Everytime I’d bring it up though she’d continue to say she’s not into men. So after playing the long game with her and lots of escalating flirting she started to eager send me sexy pictures. Never asked for any in return but enjoyed the fact that I would get off to them.

So after a while of that we eventually decided to give it a shot and hook up. She enjoyed it well enough that we did it a few more times since. So now she came clean to her girlfriend about what’s been happening out of guilt and to her and my surprise her girlfriend was turned on by it. She is less into men than my friend is but liked the idea of her getting fucked. So much so that asked to watch the next time we did it. So this time around we hooked up at her place instead of mine since they live together. It was definitely a different experience not having the second girl join in but it was definitely hot. She’d would get real close to us as we fucked and would tell me what to do to her. After a while she would pull her tits out for my friend to grab and she sat across from us playing with herself. We did it 3 times that night and it seems it may happen for often. I’m all for it. I only ever wanted to fuck my friend so her girlfriend not getting involved is fine. She’s pretty cute and I at least get to watch her play with herself as I fuck her girlfriend so it’s still a win in my books.

NSFW: yes

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