My Latina dorm room neighbor

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During my freshmen year in collage I (20M) stayed in the the university dorm rooms. Most of the people who stayed in the dorm rooms were usually students on scholarships, since the university overcharged for the housing. Most people opted for staying in nearby apartments or non university related housing. So unfortunately there were barley any interesting people to meet.

At the beginning of the spring semester I missed the first week of classes since I was at a basketball training camp, meaning I had missed meeting any new students moving in near me. I got back to the housing the first Sunday after the training camp was finished, and as soon as I had arrived i saw the dorm room door next to mine had been open with a bunch of boxes outside. I decided to knock on the door, and offer to help, when a stunning Latina opened the door, she was wearing a white crop top, and some sweatpants. She had a small list of flower tattoos on her left arm, as well as a plant tattoo under her pierced belly button which was half hidden under her pants. Even through her sweats you could tell the girl had a nice ass, and believe me the crop top did not help in hiding her D cups. I asked her if I could help and she gratefully accepted.

While I was helping her unpack some of her boxes, she opened up to me about being cheated on by her boyfriend, so after breaking up she was forced to move out of the apartment they had been living in together, and move to the university housing. I tried my best to comfort her since I had gone through the same thing with my ex girlfriend, (excluding the living together). One instance she went to the bathroom, and I continued unpacking, I reached for one of the boxes she had put to the side as if she was purposely not unpacking it, so curiously i decided to open it up when I saw a number of sex toys, from but plug to vibrators to even dildos. The wondered of her using them begad to turn me on. While i was holding her vibrator, she walked in and in a flirty manner she said “do you’ll like how it smells? I was just using it”. I started to feel my dick getting stiffer. She laughed that opinion off and took the box to hide in her closet while we continued chatting. After we were done we exchanged contacts, (her name is Luna) and before leaving I teased her by telling her to be louder next she uses her vibrator so that I would advantage as well. She smirked and gave me a tight hug where i’m certain she felt my hard dick rubbing against her stomach. As I was turning away to leave i could see her bitting her lower lip.

I went to my room and I decided to smoke some weed. Now i’m not an addict and I don’t ever smoke actually especially when I’m in the middle of a basketball season. But at the time I was feeling incredibly down since I’d found out my girlfriend had been cheating on me during the winter break when she went back to visit her family. An hour had passed and I was still not too high, I was however feeling incredibly horny after having met my gorgeous neighbor. It was about 9pm when someone knocked at my door, it was Luna. I was very confident in my body, so I decided not to put a shirt on while answering the door hoping she’d like what she saw. She told me she came to ask me if I wanted to join her for dinner, as a way to pay me back for helping her unpack. But as soon as she’s smelt the weed she chuckled and asked if she could get a hit, while apparently eyeing me from head to toe. I happily accepted and we begad smoking together. After a few minutes of her smoking I turned on some music and we began dancing. She started to dance with her ass against my dick, and forced me into grinding. We were both having a blast, she eventually turned around and put her arms around my neck, whispered in my ear “Why’d you have to have such a sexy body?” And she stuck her tongue in my mouth. She was easily the best kisser I’d ever met, her tongue was a monster, and it never slowed down. While we were making out I lifted her and we sat on the couch. I could feel her her nipples hardening against my chest and my dick began growing. We keep swapping from smoking to kissing to eventually cuddling, and we both ended up falling asleep on the couch.

The next morning I woke up late to class and Luna wasn’t there. She left me a text saying

“Sorry I left you blue sleepy head”
“But i left you a gift to enjoy tonight since I’m going to be out with friends”
“And tomorrow I’m getting a taste myself.”

Blood started to rush to my dick as soon as read those messages and noticed her black laced panties on the table over a towel. You could see the stains of her pussy juice on it.

Later that night while I was watching an NBA match I got a text from Luna.
Luna: I want some advice, I can’t sleep. I’m thinking of editing my tattoos do you like them?
Me : The flowers look really nice yeah
Luna: i’m not talking about the flowers on my arm I’m talking about the ivy.
Me: Oh i must have not seen it then
Luna: this one

And she shoots me a picture of her in her friends bed in the darkness revealing the ivy tattoo that was covered by her pants and at the edge of the screen you could see her pussy.

Me: I can’t properly see the tattoo could i maybe get another look at it?

so she sends me a video of her touching herself joking about how she might edit the tattoo.

Me : you really know how to turn a guy on don’t you?
Luna: unlucky for you, if I wasn’t out with my friends your face would probably be deep in my wet pussy right now
Me: Watching you like this is ganna make me cum i can’t take it any longer
Luna: you’re making me cum right now, come on cum for me baby.

I wrapped her panties on my dick and was stroking until my dick burst with cum.

NSFW: yes