My husbands best friend.


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So I’m gonna try this writing thing you do so well. Here goes nothing…..

Today was a day of total satisfaction. Today I was finally able to give my husband a fantasy he has attempted with me more than once. Today I was able to be fucked by his best friend right in front of him. Seeing the look of passion in my husbands eyes from the moment I walked out of the bathroom in my black lace crotchless body suit makes me wet and I can almost feel my heartbeat from my warm wet pussy. I can’t wait to feel him inside of me. When things began and his best friend shoved his long hard dick inside me, I saw my husbands eyes briefly roll back in his head is enjoyment. This made me grip hard to what was inside of me. As we fucked I was finally being satisfied by somebody who up till now could barely make me wet let alone cream. Each glance of my husbands rock hard penis made me crave it more. Just as I was thinking about how he tastes in my mouth his friend finished. My husband and mouthed I love you. We kissed in bliss and satisfaction in making his fantasy a reality. What he doesn’t know is we distribute a similar fantasy. I want to have a girl come to us fuck him while I watch and then when she leaves immediately after I want to ride his face until my cum is running down his cheeks with or without his approval.

NSFW: yes

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