My husband lets me ride his friends whenever I want


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I already mentioned that my husband and I have a very open relationship (in the healthy way). Fucking other people made our marriage even stronger. But we at all times use the rule of the other has to watch or at least have a detailed summary.

For example the other night we received some of our friends over for dinner. It was nice and fun but I quickly started to flirt with one of his friends and I did it in front on him on purpose to arouse him. He got as excited as I was. When the other friends left, we all three ran to the bedroom. My husband sat in the corner as usual to watch us. His friend undressed me and ate my pussy and ass out. He then fucked my brains out while my husband was still watching and enjoying seeing me get use like a doll. It didn’t last long and he came pretty quickly. So my husband took over and fucked me even harder.

He at all times fucks me the hardest after I got fucked my someone else. Nothing compares to him.

NSFW: yes

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