My husband and I had sex with his ex-girlfriend.

Shortly after we got married, I met my then husband’s ex at a reunion. They had broken up very amicably. After talking for a bit, we invited her out for dinner as she would be in town for the next day. The dinner went great, and we had a lot of fun. Afterwards, we went home for more drinking, and during the conversation that followed, the talk turned to sex. She told me I was very lucky to be married to him. She told me some of the fun stuff they had done, and I told her about things we had done. My husband just sat there feeling very proud of himself.

Then she told me that she would love to fuck my husband again. I had enough drink in me to consider that; I was having thoughts of fucking either of them at that point. So I said to her that I was fine with her fucking him. Just as long as she had her face buried in my pussy when he did that.

She indicated that she was agreeable to the idea by moving over and kissing me. As we kissed, she got my skirts up around my waist and got my panties out of the way. She made her way down to pussy and started to lick me. Once she began to fulfilling her side of the bargain, my husband moved behind her. He lifted her skirt, and in moments he was fucking her.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t really get to it. The sofa was not large enough for us to fuck like that. So we went up to the bedroom. We girls stripped and got on the bed. After watching us play a bit, my husband joined us and had the two of us suck him together before he had her lie on her back. I sat on her face while he fucked her. She made me cum several times before my husband finally filled her up.

After a brief moment to recover, we changed positions – I lay down, and she got on my face. I licked my husband’s cum out of her pussy – making her cum in the process before my husband got back in action again, fucking my pussy as he had done to her.

After he had cum, we took a short break and then my husband had her on all fours – hands cuffed behind her back and her face buried in my pussy while I sat against the bed. He fucked her hard, driving her face into my pussy as I came on her mouth. My husband took a long to cum that third time. After he did, she didn’t let me clean her up but just lay back and masturbated – playing with his cum. That was so hot to see. (After seeing that, I started doing that too.)

We then slept. And the following day, after waking us both with wonderful oral sex, she drove back home to her husband and kids.

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