My husband (52M) and I (46F) went to the adult toy store and I hooked up with a guy who was super hung

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Every now and then my husband and I visit a local adult toy store with intentions of at least showing off for other horny people — and in really good scenarios, hooking up.

We went there yesterday and I wore a red and white polka-dotted dress with no bra and no panties underneath. There were several couples there and the usual cast of perverted single guys trying to catch a glimpse.

My husband gave them the glimpses while we rubbed and made out, lifting the back of my dress to flash my ass and pussy and sliding his hand inside my top to reveal my nipples.

This one guy who was particularly hot sort of locked onto us following us around the store at a respectable distance and taking in every part of the show he could.

So my husband suggested we split up so I could take him to one of the “changing rooms,” where people go to do all sorts of things. My husband walked to the dildo section and I walked to the lingerie.

The guy followed me, and I picked up a particularly slinky piece of lingerie. He said, “Do you think that’ll fit?” And I said, “I don’t know. Come with me and tell me what you think.”

When we got inside the changing room, I dropped the lingerie on the floor, he stuck his tongue in my mouth and pushed my red and white dress off my shoulders.

He took out a condom and told me to put it on him, and when I grabbed his dick, I almost fainted. He was bigger than some of the dildos in the store I would never buy in a million years.

But I rolled the condom onto his dick as far as it would go and let him turn me around bend me over the little bench in the room. I was already soaking wet — I get wet just thinking about the adult store — and he started the head of his dick inside me.

Even sloppy wet, it was hard for him to get it inside me, and I could feel my pussy stretching around his dick as he shoved it in. Once he started thrusting, it was a 50/50 mix of pleasure and pain, but enough pleasure to make me cum twice.

With each of my orgasms, I could feel my juices dripping down the inside of my thighs. He got particularly animated when he came and I had to grit my teeth through the pain. But there was relief the instant he blew his load and his dick started to retract.

He simply said, “Thanks,” zipped up with the cum-filled condom still on and walked out. When I got dressed and went out of the changing room, he was gone.

I took my husband to show him the dildo that most closely compared to the guy’s dick and he couldn’t believe it.

NSFW: yes

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