My hookup’s roommates wanted sloppy seconds. [26F]

I went clubbing last night for a friend’s birthday. Didn’t expect to leave with anyone but I really hit it off with a guy so at the end of the night, he took me over to his place.

He didn’t want to use a condom and honestly, I was just really drunk and horny, so after sucking his cock, I let him put it in raw. I’ve been tested recently anyway. The sex was good and I definitely felt satisfied. I was gonna take a Plan B anyway so I let him cum wherever he wanted, so he came in my pussy once, then after a short break, we moved on to anal and finished with a facial.

I was pretty messy after to facial so I asked if I could take a quick shower. He gave me a towel and I walked to the bathroom with only it wrapped around my body. To my shock, his 3 housemates were all out in the living room area having a 3am meal. They all saw me wrapped in a towel that barely covered my ass, with cum on my face and dripping down my thighs!

Honestly, in the moment, I had sort of forgotten about the cum and was stammering trying to explain what I was doing in their home. The load wasn’t in my eye or about to drip off my chin, so I sort of forgot it was there once my attention broke off from cleaning up and went to explaining my presence. They were all really nice and even offered me some fries when they heard my stomach growl.

All of them were really nice and a little flirty. That made me feel really comfortable and unguarded, so I totally flirted back and was pretty careless with holding the towel up, leading to a bunch of nip slips and flashing my pussy. The whole interaction lasted only a couple minutes. When I licked my lips, I suddenly remembered the state that I was in. It was so embarrassing but they played it off as no big deal except for one guy, who joked “Lick it all off!”

I looked around and saw that they were all hard but hiding it with their posture. The way they were being so nice was also quite a turn. Feeling naughty, I wiped the cum off my face and licked it off my hand. The guy closest to me touched my inner thigh, then wiped the cum off. I spread my legs for all to see as he did, then when he offered me the cum his fingers, I licked it up as well and made sure to lick his fingers clean.

It was clear at that point that things were turning sexual, the other 2 guys walked over and whipped their dicks out. I got on my knees and sucks all 3 of them for a good long while before we moved to one of their bedrooms and fucked. None of them minded that I had their roommate’s cum in my pussy. They spitroasted me first then fucked me airtight. I was so wet that it didn’t take long for me to cum again. We went at it for almost two hours. They switched positions whenever they wanted but each time someone came, they could swap with the guy fucking my mouth/throat to get back hard again. I also swallowed 2 loads throughout. In the end, they got together and finished on my face, albeit smaller loads since they all came a few times already.

I finally took that shower and had to sneak back into the first guy’s room to get my clothes as he was already asleep. It was definitely a fun night of spontaneous, unplanned fun!

NSFW: yes

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